Halfway Houses For Al-Qaeda

A fascinating look last night by intrepid NBC reporter Richard Engel on a halfway house for convicted al-Qaeda criminals in Saudi Arabia. The recidivism rate (return to terrorist/criminal activity) so far? 0%.

Worldview has more, but it merely reiterates the point I made last week regarding the Terrorist-Industrial Complex. These guys are criminals; the “Manson Family in turbans;” the “Syndicate in the Sand.” How many Soviet or Nazi prisoners of war were “rehabilitated”? How many North Vietnamese or Iraqi Republican Guard soldiers were “rehabilitated”?

If these al-Qaeda were members of an “army” or “enemy combatants” or whatever term you want to use, you wouldn’t be able to “rehabilitate” them along the lines of the way we rehabilitate our criminals in society. And so far, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and probably several other countries are showing that some of these guys can, indeed, be rehabilitated.

The point remains: these guys are criminals. Let’s keep that and their so-called “threat potential” in perspective.

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One Response to Halfway Houses For Al-Qaeda

  1. Darrell Prows says:

    My Sunday schedule results in me listening to a few minutes of a Limbaugh show replayed from the previous week. What I just heard strikes me as a fairly significant escalation of The Culture War, and I though I’d pass it on. I’m assuming, of course, that Limbaugh would not go this route on something so major unless it had been approved for general circulation, meaning that you should start seeing it around.

    There is now a major new take on the situation in Iraq. The claim is that there is not now, and never has been a civil war in Iraq, and, really, not even any ethnic strife. It’s admitted that there appears to be a real problem there, but there actually is a very different and surprising explanation for what is happening. In fact, because of what is really happening there is now a way for us to gain a military victory in Iraq.

    The new story is that a few years back al-Zarqawi linked up with Bin Laden and created a plan to invent a fictitious entity called Al Qaeda in Iraq. Bin Laden than sent Zarqawi a force of true Al Qaeda professionals and these fighters are used to alternately attack Sunnis and Shiites. One day they’ll do a car bombing of a Shiite market, and the next day they’ll capture a group of Sunni men, slit their throats and dump the bodies. The goal being to start hostilities, but the new official story being that these efforts have failed. Everyone in Iraq sees through this strategy, and only we in America fall for it.

    Accordingly, victory in Iraq is now defined as driving Al Qaeda back out of the country. After doing that we can just pack up, go home, and there will be no more problems in Iraq. Iraqis, you see, want nothing other than to live together in one country, peacefully, and are ready to do it as soon as we find what is really only a small number of trouble makers.

    (And I would never have believed this is happening if I had not heard it myself.)