Nicholson finally resigns

Ding dong, the wicked witch is dead! I have called for the resignation of the secretary of the VA more than once. Finally, the incompetent crony is gonna leave. After the lost of veteran’s records on more that one occasion and our veterans being in a place with mold and rats, he is finally gone. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out you monster! Glad to see you go. Bring on the next crony. I’ll be waiting to insult them too if they don’t live up to what our Vets deserve.

Veterans Affairs chief Jim Nicholson, who was forced to defend the Bush administration’s handling of people injured in battle after revelations of shoddy health care at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, announced Tuesday he is resigning.

Nicholson, who is returning to the private sector, has been head of the VA since February, 2005. Before that, he was U.S. ambassador to the Vatican and chairman of the Republican National Committee.

He is the latest in a lengthening line of senior officials heading for the exits in the final 11/2 years of President Bush’s administration.

Like I said, a crony! An incompetent crony at that. That idiot not only is a crony, but he “defended the Veterans Administration, but acknowledged there is room for improvement.” Room for improvement? Mold and rats in the very area our vets were in, and that is the best you could do? Heed your own words!

“When you’re seeing over 1 million patients a week, you have to be very good, and if there is any one patient who doesn’t get the care that they deserve, that’s unacceptable,” Nicholson said in March.

“The American people can feel very good about the health care system that their VA is providing to veterans,” Nicholson said then, “but if there is a case where a veteran gets lost in the system, or suffers anxiety or their family does as a result of something we’re not doing, that is unacceptable.”

One Veteran? Try all the ones that were subjected to the nightmare that you knew was going on in Walter Reed. The ones that were having to put up with all the red tape, and getting what no Vet should ever receive. But that is not the only slap in the face Vets have gotten while you were on watch, now was it? Can you say data theft…twice, that we know of?

Nicholson also had some tense moments explaining his agency’s stewardship of veterans issues after it was learned that VA computer files with personal data, including Social Security numbers, for 26.5 million veterans and military troops, were missing.

Burglars had stolen computer equipment from a data analyst’s Maryland home on May 3, 2006. Law enforcement officials recovered the laptop and hard drive about two months later after being tipped by an informant who had heard about a $50,000 reward and knew where they could be found.

And what did the Secretary have to say at that time?

“As a veteran, I am outraged. Frankly I’m mad as hell,” Nicholson said, pledging strong action against those responsible. “I can’t explain the lapses of judgment on the behalf of my people. We will stay focused on these problems until we get them fixed.”

He was so focused, that another theft took place. Another theft of Veteran’s data under his watch, after he put on the faux anger. As I said before, you sir are a cad and a hack!

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