Tucker Carlson insults women of New Orleans

Tucker Carlson insulted the women of a whole city on July 13th, in the process of defending Senator David Vitter. According to Tucker, one out of three women in New Orleans resturants are for sale.

In the process of defending David Vitter’s right to keep his seat in the U.S. Senate, Carlson took a swipe at one third of the women who work, dine or drink in New Orleans restaurants.

“Ever since his number turned up in the phone records of a D.C. escort service, Louisiana Senator David Vitter has been missing in action. The Democratic party in his home state would like him to stay in hiding permanently,” Carlson said on his show of July 13.

“Democrats there are outraged. They’re shocked. They are circulating a petition calling for Vitter to resign his Senate seat, because what he did is so embarrassing, it violates the high standards of the state of Louisiana,” Carlson said with what I took to be sarcasm.

That swipe, can be found on the transcript.

CARLSON: It‘s against the law in the sense that double parking is against the law.

PRESS: Tucker, you ask the vice squad about that. They‘re a little more serious.

CARLSON: In New Orleans?

PRESS: I think it ought to be legal.

CARLSON: Have you ever been to a restaurant in New Orleans? One out of three women is for sale. I mean, come on—

PRESS: It is not legal. He is a felon. Not a convicted felon, but that‘s what he is.

CARLSON: Well then—

Get a clue Tucker! You have insulted the women of a great city. This is not the first time Tucker has put his foot in his mouth, and I expect it won’t be the last.

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4 Responses to Tucker Carlson insults women of New Orleans

  1. BlueWashington says:

    Didn’t Vitter commit a crime by soliciting prostitutes?

    I do believe a crime has been committed. This man could go to jail!

    Time to call the governor!!

  2. Sarah says:

    Tucker Carlson should go the way of Don Imus. As a woman and fiance of a Chef in New Orleans I am outraged that he has insulted our great city, our restaurant and tourism industry, and all of our ladies. Ignorant comments such as this give people the wrong idea about New Orleans. Prostitution is not legal and is not allowed. Neither is double parking, for that matter. You will get a parking ticket here so fast your head will spin. FYI, since this seems to be the popular belief, woman FROM New Orleans aren’t the ones showing their breasts on Bourbon Street. It is women from out of town. Possibly relatives of Tucker Carlson? This is also illegal and yes, people are arrested for this. New Orleans is not a city of no laws nor are we a city that doesn’t enforce them.

  3. Very well said Sarah. Damn well said! The rep that NOLA has is due to Mardi Gras, where out of state people come to act the fool. They are shocked when they get arrested. It ain’t the girls gone wild thing many would like to believe. Things are lax more than usual during that time, but you best keep your shorts on, and not pull your shirt off. Jail? But I saw it on TeeVee! I guess you missed the part where people from out of state crossed the lines and went to jail. Welcome to NOLA biatch! Not the Disney World you thought is was huh? Talk to Hustler if feel the urge to expose yourself.

    Once again, damn well said Sarah!

  4. Darrell Prows says:

    I’m going to go with 1979 as when I bailed some friends out of N.O. jail. They were all drunk and decided it would be fun to try to push over a lamp post in The French Quarter. Then they got belligerent, too, so there was some lumps and bruises to go along with the nights lodging. Interestingly, they didn’t have a single nice thing to say about the local jail.