Eating pizza causes theocracy

The following is a dual post by The Reaper and Donnie.

Ave Maria is a town in Florida, that is built around a “1,100-seat Roman Catholic church and a traditional Catholic university.” Ave Maria is claimed to be a “refuge of sorts for Christian values in a secular age.” In the continued push for theocracy, Dominos Pizza founder Tom Monaghan, has his theocracy based community ready to go. For Monaghan, it’s gonna be all good in the Jesushood. Those pesky adult book stores and strip clubs will no longer be a problem for all those GOD fearing folks in their community. They will have to go elsewhere for that entertainment. And pesky contraceptives or birth control? Yep, local businesses are “urged not to sell” them. But heathens need not worry, you see, “the founders insist the town is open for any one to reside in.”

The Florida town of Ave Maria is like many other large family neighborhoods. The town will have 11,000 homes in its community.

But unlike so many other communities, Ave Maria has a specific purpose. The quaint location isn’t built for golfers or retirees like so many other Florida developments. Ave Maria is a refuge of sorts for Christian values in a secular age.


The town is centered around an 1,100-seat Roman Catholic church and a traditional Catholic university.

No adult book stores or strip clubs adorn the town, and local businesses are urged not to sell contraceptives or birth control.

Donnie: Back when I first wrote on this, I quoted from the article. This was the money shot:

“To conservatives, Monaghan is a deep-pocketed savior. Florida governor Jeb Bush, a converted Catholic, made Ave Maria Town a special tax district like Disney World, giving the self-appointed Board of Supervisors (run by Monaghan’s development partner) wideonging powers and exempting the town from state and local laws.”

Reaper: The Raw Story, has something on this with video.

Donnie: They have a website too! Where are the carnival rides at? If it’s special like Disney World, it just has to have some rides!

Reaper: Let me end this post with something from their very own website that Donnie mentioned.

Ave Maria, FL welcomes you
in the Summer of 2007!

Ave Maria re-invents hometown living with a flourishing new community complementing a new University. Inspired by the eternal charm of Italy’s hill towns, it offers diverse homes at diverse prices and incomparable amenities, including a water park, as well as everything residents need for daily living. In short, Ave Maria is an exciting place to live, work, play and learn for every family, every lifestyle, and every dream.

Sure it is! Like Disney World, it sounds like a great place to take a break from reality and the real world.

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One Response to Eating pizza causes theocracy

  1. Darrell Prows says:

    Maybe I’ll write, mention my Mormon heritage, and ask how many wives are allowed per household.

    It may not be for everyone after all.