The Impeachment Express

That the administration is determined to prove itself above the law is certainly sufficient grounds for impeachment, but there is a far more compelling reason to get the impeachment train out of the station. Bush and Cheney are both still sitting around with too much spare time on their hands, and these dudes get dangerous when they get bored. We need to put something so big on their plates that they lose all appetite for anything but self-defense.

Bush is saying, even openly shouting, that he laughs at all of us whenever we seem inclined to accept his lies that something like September, or any other time, matters with respect to Iraq. If he were telling the truth about this it might well be his first shot at “truthiness”, and he is one dog that ain’t never going to learn any new tricks. He is the guy today, that he has been every day of his life, and that is a truly ugly prospect. This For the welfare of our country, and beyond, it’s time for a change.

Cheney matters far less to Iraq because he sees that as being already in the bag, and he’s moved on to Iran. Hope against hope, if you want, that what you’re seeing is not what it looks like, but we’re far closer to a massive cruise missile salvo smashing into some Iranian real estate than any sane person could picture.

It’s clearly time for The Impeachment Express. Anything and everything short of that has been taken as another sign of weakness. It’s time to talk power to power, because nothing else can take a whole stack of terrible stuff off the table. These guys need to be charged in the political arena, because nothing else can neutralize their political strength. Nothing else can tie up their time, energy, and resources. And they need to be so thoroughly discredited that any other crap they might have planned for the future gets completely preempted.

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