Obama’s ‘Bush-Cheney’ Moment

Hillary Clinton, a Democrat who is “Bush-Cheney Lite”? Watch the video to get the context and exact language of the attack launched by Barrack Obama:

The original debate comment by Senator Obama was memorable enough for it’s content. Then today this blast, aimed directly at Hillary Clinton, was memorable in it’s invective.

Her response:

Under the circumstance, having been directly insulted, Hillary Clinton’s response seems reasoned and calm.

Barrack Obama has attacked Hillary Clinton with language that is simply the most insulting that one Democrat can use to describe another. ‘Bush-Cheney Lite’. How much more insulting could one Democratic candidate be to another? It’s hard to say. This is change that seems to be one of ‘opportunity’ and desire to create popular applause lines.

Even before this terribly personal attack Obama defended his debate answer with an incredulous statement:

Defending his debate answer earlier Thursday, Obama said, “I’m not afraid to lose the P.R. war to dictators.”

This is a quote worth remembering for it’s simplicity and, frankly, it’s lack of understanding of international diplomacy. Look at our international standing today and you will see the result of losing the ‘P.R. war’ in many quarters.

With the combination of the original comment, the follow up defensive comment and today’s attack on Clinton, I believe that Obama has shown himself to be ill-equipped to deal with the office of the President.

This series of comments and actions has tarnished Obama beyond redemption for me. I often wondered if he was an ’empty shirt’. Now he has given me the answer.


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    22 Responses to Obama’s ‘Bush-Cheney’ Moment

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    2. Jean says:

      No Bush Clinton Bush Clinton. America can do better. Needs to do better.

    3. Jean

      Watching the two videos I think Hillary handled this whole mess far better than Obama. He’s been very reactive and she’s been cool and collected. Her lead is far larger than Dean’s was at this time 4 years ago if I am not mistaken. It sort of looks inevitable. It’s a shame if it is, we could use stronger run off to give people a better choice.

    4. BlueWashington says:

      Well, there goes the ball game… Obama’s out there trying to make hay, and Hillary’s the hay seed.

      Neither of them look good when they both look like scarecrows.

      Too bad.

    5. Blue W

      Have to agree, the whole thing was pretty ridiculous. Hillary actually handled herself very well though. I am surprised to say, I was impressed with her cool response. The whole thing reminded me of the “Bush Lite” comments made about JK during ’04. I’m sorry but no Dem should be saying that about our own, unless perhaps Lieberman.

    6. alrudder says:

      I knew this trap was going to happen to Obama. Hillary would hit him, he’d have to hit back, and then lose the veneer of a positive nice guy.
      I’m fairly certain we’ll be facing Romney, and the backdrop US troops redeploying in a firestorm in Iraq. I don’t like that match up under those circumstances. Obama ought to be president, but he hasn’t picked a year when he can win an election being who he is. (pssst Kerry or Gore)

    7. Alrudder

      I find it hard still to get excited about any of them. But, having been down this road with JK being labeled similarly in ’04, I’m surprised that Obama didn’t know better. I’m with Stuart on this, Hillary gets points for the way she handled herself.

      As for who the Repub nominee will be, I think given the current view on things, anyone of them will be easy to beat, firestorm in Iraq or not. They are all running scared and have nothing left to stand on.

    8. Arouet Revol says:

      “I’m not afraid to lose the PR war to dictators?” I can’t believe he said that. Sometimes that is the only war that is going on. I do not want a President who thinks that way. We need a middle, not two extremes. Bush has rolled over everyone and Obama seems like he will let everyone roll over us.

    9. Jean says:

      For someone like me who isn’t that interested in democratic party politics if the Clintons are the nominee and I would not be interested in supporting the democrats.

      When John Kerry ran for the 2004 Presidency I listened and woke up to wrong course our Country was taking. I was motivated to do something. He paid his dues in Vietnam and while be had to be a politican you could tell (and some knew more about his career) there is a basic integrity and earnst in doing right for our Country. But the Clintons are the same old establishment with “friends everywhere”. I know the democrats want a “winner” but I just shake my head.

      As I see it, John Kerry should be given more credit for preventing the whole democratic party from becoming republican lite after 2004. When democrats were still numb by the politics of fear and standing up for democratic values looked passe Sen. Kerry kept trying to move his party from retreating (as I see it anyway). He didn’t shy away from his basic beliefs and showed leadership in Iraq and proposed smarter national security measures and foregion policy and so on which are now getting more support.

    10. JoeCHI says:

      It’s one thing for Obama to dig in deeper and escalate a fight when he’s right, it’s quite another thing for him to do so when he ‘s wrong.

      And he is so very wrong here.

      That Obama agreed to meet separately with Enemies of the State, without preconditions, within the first year of his Presidency clearly demonstrates just how unprepared he is for the office.

      Further, to pronounce yourself the most experienced and best foreign policy expert among the entire Presidential field, is just absurd.

      Absurd bordering on nutty.

    11. Darrell Prows says:

      Is it possible that obama means he’s not afraid that he will lose the PR battle?

      The “Pomp and Circumstance” of Nixon going to China is all well and good, but we do ourselves no favor by allowing our Presidents to define the job in a way that includes their being able to avoid doing any truly heavy lifting. Sometimes a President can only serve us by calling one whack job or another out. Bush (or Pres. ?) and Kim Jong Il getting it on alone together in some appropriately luxurious meeting room in one royal palace or another in Beijing could and should be arranged. And when they are finished with each other there should be no official statement of “full and frank discussion”. Bush could get on T.V. and say “I told the jerk that he needs to start acting civilized” and that he either said yes, or screw you, or whatever. And then the jerk could get a very sobering wake up call when he tried to get the same level of attention for his side of the story and finds out that no one is interested. Our President owes us that much, and it doesn’t matter which one it is.

      Why do these guys think that they are entitled to avoid all such unpleasant confrontations? What are we paying them for? Isn’t it embarrassing to think that not one of them has ever had a sit down with Castro, for as many years as he has been considered to be a pain in our behinds? This whole President gig has always been at least part theatrics. Why do they seem so reluctant to stage difficult performances for the benefit of the nation? Take on Iran, Hugo Chavez, and any of the other trouble makers that we work so hard to shun making contact with. All the world truly could be a stage in the era of modern communications and we would be far better served if we had a leader that was willing and adept at using this resource as a weapon of choice.

    12. Jean

      I was never involved in politics before JK ran in ’04. I grew up in MA, was a teenager when he came home from Vietnam, and I always thought he would be a great president. I think it sucks, absolutely sucks that he is not and I still wish he would change his mind. I don’t think he will. If he does, I am on board in a heartbeat.

      I too had hoped not to see a Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton scenario, however when Bill was in office I do feel this country was in a far better place. That said, I think if Hillary wins the nomination and then the presidency, we will have a unique opportunity in that one of her closest advisors will be her husband – a former president. And I think Hillary is her own women, her own person/candidate with views and ideas beyond those of Bill.

      And frankly what we will get from Hillary as president in my opinion, Hillary or any other Dem elected to the presidency is far better than what we have now.

    13. Ex Obama Supporter says:

      Well, this clinches it.

      I am no longer supporting Barack Obama for President.

      Remember the last time a Democratic presidential candidate had a shouting tirade in Iowa? Didn’t go well for Dean either.

      I am not sure who I will support now. Clinton is a possibility and Richardson seems to be a well rounded candidate. It will not be Edwards because I don’t trust him.

    14. Darlene Levien says:

      As a woman, I’m getting sick and tired of reading about the fear of a Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton dynasty. May I remind everyone that the billing should read: Bush-Clinton-Bush-Rodham. Hillary is her own woman. Does every woman who steps into a voting booth carry her husband’s politics with her? I don’t think so. And I’m willing to bet there are many married women right now saying no to Hillary, but when it’s just the lady in the privacy of the voting booth, it’ll be a different story.

    15. walker says:

      Obama is fighting the wrong battle. He was wrong. He is not attentive. He is not ready. Democrats do not want another Reagan

    16. s hall says:

      In addition to Obama saying he is not afraid of losing the PR war to a dictator. He also said ” I’m happy to look them (the dictators) in the eye and say what needs to be said. I’m happy to tell them what I think.” This is very close to Bush speak which is why we have such a hostile world. There is something about Obama which reminds me of Bush. This my way or the highway thing. The fact that he is never at his best in a debate because he cannot control the situation and be the dominant personality in the room is something we don’t need right now. Obama wants to be JFK when what we need is FDR. Roosevelt was content to sit at a desk and deal with a myriad of domestic issues — Obama would rather fly around the room. Oh, and did I mention that the man sitting at the desk in his wheelchair won WW2?

    17. BlueWashington says:

      I can’t recall if anyone pointed this out, Pamela, but Joe (party of one) Lieberman is no Dem. He may caucus with them, but he lost the nomination in the primaries, remember?
      No, I’m just biding my time with him until the Dems pickup 7 (I’m not being greedy) seats. Then he can be kicked out of the caucus!
      As for Hillary, I can’t bring myself to vote for her. How can respect someone who can’t respect herself (I refer to, of course, Bill and his Magic Pants)?

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    20. Tyler P says:

      I like Obama, but this whole spat just goes towards proving the “inexperienced” tag. I think he’ll make a geat Presidential candidate- in 2016, not 2008.

      “B/C/B/C” may not sound appealing to the idealists, but electing Hillary will be a signal to the world of our rejection of the Bush doctrine, and will likely instantly rebuild the international goodwill that Bush has squandered.

      Plus, Bush/Clinton/Bush/Clinton sound a whole lot better than Bush/Clinton/Bush/Romney or Bush/Clinton/Bush/Giuliani…

    21. Lucille Davis says:

      It takes a Clinton to clean up after a Bush. I do hope that Hillary gets the nomination, but if for some insane reason she doesn’t then who ever is picked for the Democratic ticket will get my wholehearted support. For over half of my lifetime I have tried to figure out one thing that the Republicans have done for me and haven’t come up with one thing so far. Anyone who thinks that they are voting for the person not the party, is living in Lala Land. Think about it what has the Republican party done for you?
      All Blue in CO

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