GOD wants Impeachment

The Lord thy GOD, called for the impeachment of George W. Bush today. In a fit of anger, GOD rebuked Bush and called him a false Prophet. The Lord was angered, and could take no more of having his name invoked by people that claim to know him. He denied claims that he told Bush to invade Iraq, and became very upset about claims of the President praying to him. The Lord was said to have been just short of smiting the “moron” before he retained his control on his emotions. He said that “impeachment was the answer!” “Dracula is now in charge of the blood bank, it is not a good thing” he replied.

The Lord the said that “he has no interest in oil, because he does not drive a Hummer!” He went on to say that “Hummers are best left to reasons for impeachment” and he would never stoop to the likes of a madman like Bush. The Son-Of-God was not available for comment, and he was reported to be puking in the corner after hearing the name of Bush. Hints between hurls sure sounded like “PEACE” and “Torture.” The Lord was obviously tormented over the current situation.

GOD then held up an “Out of Iraq, into New Orleans” sign in protest. The Lord was visibly shaken, and showed his true liberal leanings. Rumor has it that GOD is now being secretly wire tapped, and under watch for sedition. Alberto Gonzo would neither confirm it, or deny it. He could not remember!

Brought to you by The Katrinacrat Fighting them over here, so we don’t have to have our own killed over there…..till hell freezes over!

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6 Responses to GOD wants Impeachment

  1. Oh my GOD! I just LMAO!

  2. Is this a good time for me to say SMIRK?, Now that is reporting! Can’t get that from the MSM! 😆

  3. CHRIS says:


  4. CHRIS Says:
    July 27th, 2007 at 12:39 pm

    As opposed to what? Jesus is the Prince of Peace. So tell me how Bush has followed that teaching? Ashamed? Not till Bush is! BTW, Love the caps! They’re so purty! Feel free to come down off your high horse now. The weather is just fine down here.

  5. Darrell Prows says:

    Any god who really took offense at what is written here is a god that I would want to have no part of. Does he have low self esteem?

  6. How can Chris call the spoof, “God Wants Impeachment” blasphemy? Chris, this was a joke. What truely is blasphemy is President Bush’s (aka “The Decider”) attempts to make the electorate think that he was both elected thru devine intervention and that he has a direct hot line to God. When he and Karl Rove stole the 2000 election from Al Gore, President Bush stated that it “was God’s will that had made him President.” Unfortunately it has been pretty well established that Florida’s Katherine Harris and not God has more to do with the bogus outcome.
    Before King George decided to pre-emptively invade Iraq in 2003, he was asked by a reporter if he had consulted with his father (Bush Sr.) before making the decision. His reply was, “I didn’t consult with my father but with a higher Father.” God told him to do it. Now this is true blasphemy!!
    In 1993 President Bush Sr. sent us to war against Iraq for a legitimate reason. Iraq had invaded the soverign country of Kuwait. It was correct to intervene. Our intervention got Iraqi forces out and re-established Kuwait freedom. At the time various generals, including “Storm’in Norman” tried to convince Bush Sr. to invade Iraq, march on th Bagdad, and topple the Sadamm dictatorship. Bush Sr. nixed this suggestion by saying an invasion would create a political vaccume in the country. He further stated that warring factions would cause perpetual violence and that the US could easily get bogged down in a war from which it would be difficult to extradite itself from. Sure looks like baby Bush should have listened to his dad on this one. Perhaps the call he received on the red phone God hotline was simply the devil posing as God.