Wingnut Smear on Columbia Journalism Review

As a follow-up to my Friday post on the “Blogosmear*,” the Wingnuts of the rightie hate machine have launched a typically mindless, reflexive attack on the Columbia Journalism Review for having the temerity to toss some water on the bonfire of the vanities that the “milbloggers” and the drooling wingnuts are up in arms about: the ‘high tech lynching’ to discredit, destroy and either jail or frag Private Beauchamp, who reported on the situation on the ground in Baghdad in The New Republic.

(* See part 5 of “Blogosmear” for full details. Heck, it was meant as a weekend feature, so read the whole thing, if you dare.)

More Beauchamp! (sorry…)
Why do conservatives hate the troops?

By Paul McLeary Fri 27 Jul 2007 01:12 PM

This is great. The conservative blogosphere and it’s kissin’ cousin, the milblog community–who always criticize the left for not supporting the troops–is engaging in some troop hating of its own. Their target, of course, is Pvt. Scott Thomas Beauchamp, of TNR fame, and he’s taking a beating by critics who apparently have nothing better to do than furiously Google his name all night long and troll his MySpace page.

This childish game of name-calling, mostly led by the know-nothing Michelle Malkin’s (sic) of the world–anyone remember the Jamil Hussein embarassment–has been going on for the better part of a week. Now the Weekly Standard’s Michael Goldfarb dug up some particularly damning evidence against the young soldier:

We do know that Beauchamp worked on Howard Dean’s presidential campaign, that he edited a liberal student magazine in college, and that he marched with pro-choice demonstrators in 2004….”

The CJR was immediately attacked by Little Green Footballs (whose claim to fame is as the font-attacking Dan-Rather-smearing blog) and linked to another slimy infester (emphasis on ‘fester’) of the rightie blogosmear (sic), Baldilocks — another little example of incestuous rightie blogging.*

[* “UPDATE: Welcome LGF readers (et al.)!“]

As usual, the CJR’s McLeary isn’t attacked for his main thesis, but for a questionable side-issue. LGF:

CJR: Milbloggers = Chickenhawks

In another ridiculous attack on bloggers covering the New Republic Scott Beauchamp incident, Paul McLeary of the partisan hack outlet the Columbia Journalism Review says milbloggers are chickenhawks.

Maybe the AP should publish a Blog Terminology Dictionary, like their Style Guide, so that idiots like McLeary have a chance to avoid embarrassing themselves. If you’ve ever wondered why the reputation of journalism is at such a low ebb, look no further than the Columbia School of Journalism, which turns out agenda-blinded fools like this by the dozen.

Finally, wallowing in this corrosive hatred 24/7 is going to severely screw up somebody’s health. Hopefully, it’ll be the haters, but the possibility exists that it may end up being us.

Either way, an investment in Maalox or bandage stocks ought to be a smart move.

Take THAT, Wall Street Journal!


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2 Responses to Wingnut Smear on Columbia Journalism Review

  1. Darrell Prows says:

    You called it on the Dow. I’m thinking seriously about moving some money into Maalox.

    I’m still lost here. These fools think it’s terrible that someone thinks the Iraq thing is terrible? What are they going to do when they finally figure out that almost everybody now thinks the Iraq thing is terrible? Break out the razor blades and the downers?

  2. Thanks, Darrell.

    I think this is the wingnuit equivalent of putting one’s fingers in one’s ears and screeching LALALALALALA!! as a way of NOT hearing something one doesn’t want to hear.

    A lot of the screechers have been fantasizing themselves as Little Pattons (NOTE that I did NOT say “Little Eichmanns,” since that causes all kinds hell to break loose) and the fact that their whole Avalon-Hill War Game is folding up to go back in the box is making them look less like Great Military Minds than members of the Stooges (The Three, not Iggy and The), well, that’s probably a big chunk of the basis for the hissy fittification that’s their strategery at present.