Daily Kossacks SPEAK!

I have been known to post on DailyKos. And, because of what I believe to be a coordinated Rightie smear of YearlyKos using a “Patriotic soldier” in uniform (illegally), the swiftboating is underway. The post is HERE. But I thought you might like to see the (unscientific) voting on my little poll.

Kossacks SPEAK!

I think they just might be as mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.


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2 Responses to Daily Kossacks SPEAK!

  1. Hey Hart,

    The pajama clad nutjobs owe their beginning to none other than Roger L. Simon and Charles Foster Johnson. They are co-founders of Pajamas Media that was known as Open Source Media for a short time. Both lay claim to some sort of political transformation after 9/11. Charles goes as far as to claim to have been a liberal before that. The start up was all about the money from corporate advertising. Among the original pundits signed up, was none other than Luke Ford, who was dropped the next day when they found out he was again blogging the porn industry.

    The irony of all ironies considering the fact that they have welcomed Matt Sanchez into the right wing blogosphere with open arms.

  2. Another little irony: Luke Ford is a friend of mine. Interesting guy, but desperately would like to be Dennis Prager’s shadow.

    The reason I’m making a big deal out of this stuff is that NOW is the time to figure out how to beat it. Do we really want Progressives to lose in November 2008 because we couldn’t figure out a strategy for stopping this Swiftboating crap?

    They’re exposed and we Lefties have nothing better to do. Now’s the time to clean their clocks.

    and the bad news? They have adopted a strategy of attacking the blogosphere, with hit & runs, smears like they tried on me, and with agents provocateurs (paid trolls). (Notice how they disappeared the second I did?)

    Pajamas is one of their new coordination points. Michelle Malkin is doing triple duty: HOT AIR, her blog, AND the regular gig on Falafel Man O’Reilly’s show. And notice how the same people are in league in all of this over and over again.

    Glad I “virtually” covered the big Rightie convocation earlier this year. ALL of those bloggers showed up and drank cheap beer.

    Scroll down to March 11 and 13. Lotsa pix!