A Very Real Problem for November 2008

Here’s the latest issues poll from NBC/WSJ. There’s plenty of meat to consider if you spend some time really thinking through these numbers. Notice the Democratic ranking in Homeland Security. It’s a tragic reflection of an inaccurate image. This is the issue Wes Clark has been battling since he arrived in the political world. More of our candidates, at all levels, need to take up the issue and meet it head-on.

If the American people are not confident of the Democratic Party’s ability to protect the USA….we have a very real electoral problem.

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18 Responses to A Very Real Problem for November 2008

  1. alrudder says:

    Who ever emerges as our nominee ought to immediately surround him/herself with a credible “war cabinet” in waiting.
    A couple lines of attack are:
    -Fully fund the 9/11 commission recommendations and don’t be bashful about raising taxes to do it
    -Block grants to local police to help with intelligence, thus local cops can have more resources put down the growing violent crime problem

  2. Stuart ONeill says:

    Agreed. They must have standing at their side military men and women, diplomats that quit over policy, and people they announce, in a perfect world, as cabinet nominees.

    Most of all they must be credible on the international stage. That’s a hard task.

  3. Excuse me, but the myth of Republican strength on nationa ldefense and national security EXPLODED and died with the passengers on the planes that hit the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and the ground on Sept 11, 2001.

    In this century ONLY the Republican party has actually demonstrated their weakness on national security and national defense and it happened on Sept 11, 2001 when they failed to defend America against 19 hijackers.

    Whoever keeps bringing up the who appears better at natioanl security question to me appears an idiot.

  4. NotanotherClinton says:

    Yeah never mind the attempt to bomb the World trade centers in 1993, or the USS Cole in 2000 or the Embassies in 2000. Plus didn’t the FBI determine the hijackers were planning the attacks for years prior to Sep 11 by getting their private pilots licenses in America. They didn’t attack the Trade Centers because a Republican was in office!!

  5. NotanotherClinton

    Um… Duh… It has been well documented that the outgoing Clinton administration tried to warn the incoming Bush administration prior to 9/11.

  6. NotanotherClinton,

    How FOX News of you so say so. 😆

  7. alrudder says:

    Our problem is not slamming NotanotherClinton personally, it’s persuading the 33% of Americans who think like that.
    -America is stronger working with the world community.
    -Fully fund the 9/11 recommendations, with a “war tax”.

    * Just today I saw how even conservatives in Minnesota are now willing to raise taxes for infrastructure. Mark Warner proved in Virginia that people will pay taxes for a good cause, competently handled.

  8. BlueWashington says:

    This is what scares the Hell out of me:

    a Clinton vs. F. Thompson match up.

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  10. alrudder says:

    Scared of Fred? Don’t be, he isn’t a hard worker and his state’s rights schtick won’t work this cycle. I say the Northeast is rising again, meaning people are in the mood for competent, dynamic government. Mitt Romney is the only GOP candidate we should be concerned with. Giuliani will implode.

  11. Stuart ONeill says:

    To all that think the events of the past few years defang the fallacious concept that the Democratic Party is weak on National Defense and the Republicans are stronger….

    Please note that this is a CURRENT poll.

    Stats do not lie…unless you intend them to…and this NBC/WSJ poll is accurate.

    Whether is makes sense or not…and it doesn’t…there is a major portion of the voting public that BELIEVES this nonsense.

    Whether you like it or not, that’s the truth.

    We must address that issue in every race, at every appearance, on every media appearance, in nearly every press advisory or release.

    This is a major issue for 2008.

  12. NotanotherClinton says:

    The issue is national security and I don’t think the Dems can do a better job than the Republicans as shown in the above poll. There were plenty of opportunities to nab Osama but we didn’t take advantage of it, hell Sudan wanted to give us Osama but we declined. Don’t tax us to protect us, cut spending on useless social programs and you’ll find a crowd of cash…

  13. NotAnotherClinton

    “There were plenty of opportunities to nab Osama but we didn’t take advantage of it”

    Yes, let’s talk about Tora Bora… and since. What has Bush done to nab Osama? Didly – that is what.

  14. Stuart

    The one consideration I would take on this poll is the source — the WSJ. I can’t help but look at the bigger picture which is far different than 4 years ago. While I think this is an issue Dems need to beef up on, it’s one of many that concern Americans and we’re polling far ahead on the majority.

  15. Alrudder

    NotAnotherClinton is just another troll. I agree we need to do more to persuade the doubters but NotAnotherClinton is only here to troll, not to debate or listen.

  16. NotanotherClinton says:

    No persuading me. You guys are getting it wrong. We all want the same thing and that is to feel safe. We just go about it differently. Dems want to meet with the enemy or cut and run (obama, Shillery).

  17. BlueWashington says:

    Hey, NotanotherClinton,
    People like you think staying in Iraq and spending tax payer money on corporate deadbeats like Blackwater and Halliburton will defeat Bin Laden.
    At least Obama is willing to go out and state a fact – Bin Laden is in Pakistan. If the Pakistanis won’t take Bin Laden out when the opportunity is there, FINALLY we will.
    Meanwhile, those people dumped out of those “useless social programs” end up in the ER. Then my health insurance premium gets jacked up to cover their cost.
    I’ll beat you miss those good old days of no regulation at all. You remember, the early days of the Industrial Revolution where 5% of the population controlled 95% of the wealth of country. Meanwhile, the other 95% of the population lived if not in out right poverty, they sat right on the edge of it and look in. Go read Upton Sinclair’s “The Jungle” and grab a clue.

  18. Stuart and everyone else but the GOP troll:

    There was a great piece making the blogosphere last week on the need for Democrats to get off the “nuance” and “detail” bandwagon and start making our points in simple, visceral terms. Shorn of the detail, our positions are still the compelling positions.

    But, hamstrung by willful deniers of reality (the “Clinton did it” arguments that’s so hilarious when you consider that, taken at face value, Bill Clinton was the most powerful, influential president in history, and exercised a control over world events — and conspiracies — that Joe Stalin, Caesar and Napoleon would envy), we waffle on nuance while simplistic lies are poured down the throats of those the GOP delights in confusing: the voters.

    Yeah, we need to point out that our people have served, and theirs haven’t (they’re REALLY sensitive about “chickenhawk” these days), that 9-11 happened on Bush’s watch, that gas was $1.49 when Bush took office, and that the “balanced budget amendment” GOP congress racked up the worst deficit in history.

    The party that ran on “small government” has created the largest bureaucratic nightmare in history. Etc Etc.

    But as long as we keep nuancing it to death, they’ll continue their little game of satanic reversal: draft dodgers are better “protectors” than decorated combat veterans; ex-cokeheads and convicted felons are more “moral” than decent men like Al Gore and John Kerry; and failed CEOs who’ve broken SEC laws through insider trading (unprosecuted, but prosecutable in the court of public opinion) are great “managers” — as seen in Iraq, Katrina, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

    You’re right: we have GOT to address the gut issues head on, and stop with the fancy dancing. It hasn’t worked, and it isn’t going to work.

    As all lions know: first you kill the zebra, THEN you fight over the carcass. Not the other way ’round. We’re still out of power, all things considered.