This Dark Age Must End

Kollwitz, The Propeller

Having shown over the last seven months, since taking control of the legislative branch that they are at least equal to the Republicans when it comes to avarice, the Democrats set out this past weekend to demonstrate that, when it comes to cowardice, to blatant, unmitigated, ass covering politics they are every bit a match for Republicans.

Who impeaches the Congress? What in our Constitution protects the citizens of this country from a completely rogue government? When all three branches have abrogated their constitutional obligations, who will stand up for, who will represent the people of the United States?

Where must we search, to whom do we go for protection from the power of the wealthy corporate classes who are stealing our wealth, our livelihoods, and our future, who are spitting on our laws and our history as they sacrifice our Children and Grandchildren on the profane altar of their greed, in their eternal wars for profit and power?

Where is the opposition? Where do we go for redress of grievances when every institution of government is in the hands of the enemies of the people?

After suffering through five long years of watching a rogue executive blow it’s nose on the American Constitution and wipe it’s feet on our laws and bill of rights, it was with some relief and a glimmer of hope that I watched the election results last November as the Democratic party was returned to control of the legislative branch of the federal government. The pendulum is returning to the center I told myself, surely it will soon move to the left and show benefits to the working people of this country again.

I was somewhat apprehensive of course, I wrote several pieces warning my fellow Democrats to clean their own house and to do so loudly and publicly, to show the electorate that they were worthy of the public trust and to be on guard against the toxic infections of the corporate lobbyists and special interests that had so corrupted the Republicans they were replacing.

My voice and the more powerful and eloquent voices of others with the same message might have been crickets chirping in the wilderness, they could not be heard above the howl of the bitter wind driven by the building stampede.

The great headlong rush was on. The Democrats looked like the riotous crowds of Pamplona in their frenzied dash for campaign funds, for their rightful share of the political plunder that had, for so long, been denied to them. Like the mobs of Pamplona except they were chasing after the bulls, racing madly down the streets of our capitol, through the storied halls of our public monuments, their larcenous rotting hearts exposed, their shameless, greedy, grasping palms outstretched, drooling mouths at the ready, eager to suck at the poisonous teats of public corruption and corporate largess, it was a sight from hell.

The relief of last November is now long forgotten amid in the fear and loathing of July, the wars continue unabated, the so called opposition party has joined in dividing the spoils and trampling the law, the hope is gone and, I belive, it is time for every American who cares for this country, for humankind to face up to the sickening and unavoidable reality of our times.

The government of the United States is thoroughly and completely corrupt. From top to bottom, from one side of the aisle to the other, at all levels, whether we look at the federal system or in our statehouses, our government, our institutions, our military, our courts and schools and regulatory bodies, each and every one, has fallen under the control of criminals. And they are being aided and abetted by the treacherous and treasonous majorities of both of our so called political parties.

We need not travel 12,000 miles and comb the dusty caverns of remote mountain ranges, or the empty blazing deserts of Arabia in a search for terror and evil. All the terror, all the fear, all the evil we could ever desire to discover is centered in the chambers of our government and commerce and the evil hearts and minds of those who control them.

The government of the United States now operates under the careful tutelage, direction and control of enormously powerful international corporate interests which have no respect for the people of this or any other nation, not their laws, not their values nor their common histories and least, their humanity, their very lives.

The only interest of these piratical, plutocratic vermin is to take the labor from our backs, to strip the fruit from our trees and the crops from our fields, to mine the ore and pump the oil from our earth, to discover a way to steal the water from our seas and the very light from our sky and make it their own, to control it all, to control it all in their thirst for profit, in their worship of Mammon, of Moloch.

Look not to the media, the self exalted press, those journalistic guardians of the past, have become the corporate stooges of the present, the once independent protectors of the people no longer exist, they were bought, bought and sold in the same trades as the judges, as the preachers, the pastors, bishops, and the healers, bought as cheaply as the public servants, their souls are owned by the houses of wealth and power. All the saviors have sold us out, there is no one to save us but ourselves.

I find no further hope in the ballot box, another election of the darlings of the captains of industry, be they the favorite of the energy or drug companies, of the hedge funds or the arms merchants, I see no prospect for change from them and feel no desire to entrust the future to those so beholden to the slave masters of the past and the prison guards of the present.

I see no alternative, to wait further is to wait in vain, to continue on the path of non involvement, to ignore the evil that confronts us is to accept the shackles of our slavery willingly. We have only one strength, the strength of numbers and of the rightness of action against tyranny, for it is tyranny that we face.

If the law does not restrain the tyrant, it need not restrain the oppressed.

Some may call this the ravings of a paranoid mind, so be it. If my reaction to the reality of the world being created in our name, the reality of the sights and sounds of the miserable poverty, the continuous promotion of death and destruction, to the cries of the displaced and the maimed, the weeping of the mourners amidst the laughter of those who manipulate events to their own private ends is deemed paranoid then I accept the diagnosis. I welcome it. I am afraid, for myself, for my family, for my country, for my fellow man.

This government has stirred the fears of the populace for years, they toiled mightily to create a state of paranoia and keep it in the forefront, fear has been their currency. They have succeeded mightily, the populace is afraid and although I fear, in some measure, the danger they point to, I fear much more, much more, those who bear the pointing finger.

It is time I think, for massive nonviolent protest, for marches, acts of civil disobedience, general strikes, slow downs, sit ins, park ins on major thoroughfares, mass boycotts. It is time for people to resort to any nonviolent means of bringing this bloodsucking system to a standstill, to force the criminals into the prisons in which they belong and to transfer control of our government, our institutions and our resources to the people.

Paranoid? Perhaps. Over the top? Maybe.

Is any one else afraid of those who rule over this dark age?

Bob Higgins
Worldwide Sawdust

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4 Responses to This Dark Age Must End

  1. Darrell Prows says:

    The weenies wanted to go on their regular August vacation. Heck, D.C. is just too hot and humid this time of year. Talk about torture, making a legislator roast his or her buns off taking care of the work we pay them for when they could be doing much more enjoyable things is just plain inhumane.

    Besides, they need the time off to get back to the old District and listen to the old constituents. After all how are they going to know what to vote against unless they find out what we want them to vote for?

    Remember when the Speaker was strong enough, even in the face of a semi-real President like Reagan, to keep bills bottled up forever if there was a real need to. Now it seems like the race is on to see who can be the first one out the door at quitting time, and the fastest to the trough all of the time.

    It’s now crystal clear that the only conceivable way to clean out this entire rats nest is with a Constitutional Convention. We literally could keep our country out of the torture game. We literally could keep the government’s nose out of our homes. And we sure as hell could come up with a far less dramatic way to get rid of the jerks next time if they ever become so entrenched and so arrogant that they stand there fearless in front of we, their masters.

  2. elmercreek says:

    I’m always perplexed how they paint socialism as such an evil and never tell us the evils of capitalism. There are just as many and probably more. Take Chavez for example. His social experiments have worked wonders for his country but he’s a bad guy cause he returns some of the natural resource wealth of his country back to his people. Now there’s a novel idea that this gang here at “the center of the universe” doesn’t want to see proliferate.

    Healthcare is a business not a right. It goes on and on.

    Capitalism is all about money and power and I think we the people are getting trampled by it.

  3. NotanotherClinton says:


    huh….Capitalism works because there is fair market competition and that’s what we consumers need. So what if someone makes a buck. Chavez shut down the media in Venezuela, did he do that for the people?

  4. elmercreek says:


    I hope you enjoy the fair market competition when you pull up to the gas pumps or go to the drug store for your prescription.

    Think what you may about Hugo Chavez but he’s been the target of CIA coups and a huge American disinformation program. Why, because he rerouted oil revenues away from rich American corporations to the poor of his country. Also, if he gets his way there will be no Free Trade Agreement of the Americas which means corporations will not have control over Latin American resources. That’s why they hate him. How long will it be before they tell us that he’s sponsoring terrorism and we have to invade?

    Chavez gets his popularity from mobilizing the poor. He’s distributed 3 million hectars of land to the poor, built thousands of medical clinics in poor neighborhoods and subsidized basic food products for the poor. The minimum wage in Venezuela is the second highest in Latin America. Poverty has dropped and growth increased and there’s much more if you care to research it.

    And yes he did shut down an opposition radio station, but do you know who sponsored that radio station or are you just drinking the government cool aid? And while I’m at it, why can’t we have al Jazeera TV here in the U.S.? For that matter, correct me if I’m wrong, but they won’t even let us have Canadian TV here in the home of the brave and the land of the free.

    And Bob, yes I also am afraid of who rules over this dark age!