IN-06: Barry Welsh at Full Roar

Barry Welsh, a man who came from nowhere to win 40% of the vote in 2006 against the very powerful Conservative Christian Nationalist Mike Pence, announced at YearlyKos his candidacy for 2008. I know Barry from last years race and we’ve spoken at length as he prepared, and continues to prepare, for this campaign. He has a diary of the announcement as well as his views on other subjects up at Dkos.

Visit and read the thoughts of a Democrat who campaigns endlessly.

Here’s a short sample of Barry on the campaign trail at a Labor Day rally in 2006. All of our Democratic candidates could take a lesson from this speech.
This what I called, at Political Interviews, ‘Barry Welsh At Full Roar!’

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His biggest changes from 2006, he says, are an awareness of the need for professionalism in the campaign and greatly increased effort at fundraising. Barry Welsh knows that it takes real money to fight even larger money to create a very competitive race.

He is starting his fundraising drive with a goal of 3000 supporters signing up at ActBlue for a recurring $10 per month. $10 per month….all of us can do that even if we have to think up an item we are going to sacrifice. Placeholder website linkActblue link
How about just three of the fancy Starbucks coffee’s? And that’s just one example.

Barry is one of those people that deserves, and has earned, national support. His full campaign website, by Webpolitechs, will launch very soon.

Barry Welsh’s most important task is foundation fundraising. The loyal readers of DemDaily can help. Remember Emily’s List: Early Money Is Like Yeast. Early money makes more effective fundraising possible. Sign up. You won’t be sorry.

(I’ve included a download link with the video so that other bloggers can announce Barry’s candidacy and publish this speech on their own blogs. He deserves as much publicity as possible.)

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2 Responses to IN-06: Barry Welsh at Full Roar

  1. Barry will be the Blue America special guest at Firedoglake on September 1. When Darcy Burner responded to the 43 Democrats who voted for Bush’s FISA bill by saying we need to elect more and better Democrats, who couldn’t think of anyone better described by her passion than Barry. In fact, considering that all 3 of the reactionary freshmen Democrats from Indiana– Joe Donnelly, Baron Hill and Brad Ellsworth– voted for FISA and tend to vote with the GOP on substantive issues more often than not, what a great trade it would be. A real Democrat like Barry is worth 3 Blue Dog swine like them any day of the week. Please come by to the chat on Saturday, Sept 1, 2pm (EDT)–

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