Winners and Losers Last Night–a Non-Voters Reactions

Last night my buddy Morey, a full time 100% cowboy and a man who thinks all politicians are crooks, happened to drop in as I tuned in for the Olbermann debate. (AFL-CIO might have organized it but it was the Olbermann debate!) Morey actually can’t vote as he did a little time a few years ago. So his reactions where startling to me knowing that he really is a virgin debate viewer.

First reaction: “That damn guy speaks terrible. Hell, he doesn’t sound like he even really knows what he’s talking about.” Who? Barrack Obama. I was thinking that I was shocked at how badly he answered so many questions. When he hit on his stump speech lines he did better. But overall I think his performance, and some of the substance of his replies, where a blow to his campaign.

Second surprise: “Wow, that white haired guy not only sounds like he knows what he’s talking about but he really looks like he believes what he’s saying.” Who? Chris Dodd. I agree. This was my first debate for the cycle and I was impressed by Dodd’s performance and passion. Maybe he can break through the media vacuum?

Third surprise: “God, I love it when one of these damn jerks catches another in their answer.
Who? Joe Biden when he forced the return to facts about the previous legislation that not only authorizes the incursion into Pakistan if necessary but contradicted Obama on another Iraq talking point. Biden’s point was that much of Obama’s Iraq/Afghanistan rhetoric is already in US law. It wasn’t popular with the audience but I also liked his “ Let’s return to the facts, people.” Too many times we don’t hear but interpretations as if the previous Democrats in the House and Senate have done nothing for years.

Fourth surprise: He loved John Edwards final point. “If an attorney that’s presenting to a jury gives that jury money it’s a bribe. If a lobbyist is presenting to a politician it’s called a contribution!” Morey roared with laughter and said, “Well, that S.O.B. sure hit the nail on the head. I like him.

For my reactions: I thought Joe Biden and Chris Dodd, particularly Dodd, showed themselves well. Obama has his toe so deep into the light socket I keep waiting for someone to turn on the light. He certainly hasn’t lived up to expectations in my book. Hillary Clinton is showing herself to be a real person with strong convictions. She is coming across as credible and effective. John Edwards, in my book, continues to show himself as a man deeply immersed and credible on many points.

Top three winners: Chris Dodd, Hillary Clinton, John Edwards.
Personally, I still don’t have a dog that can win in this race.

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3 Responses to Winners and Losers Last Night–a Non-Voters Reactions

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  2. alrudder says:

    Referencing the previous post about Hillary’s “up-the-middle” performance, I think the Pakistan exchange is a teachable moment for would-be candidates. [Let’s stipulate that with the Pakistan issue, you have to speak softly and carry a big stick] Obama played to the crowd in the stands, Clinton played to television. Obama played to emotion, and Clinton played to rarionality. Emotion wins in the short term, but in the long term, I think rationality wins.

  3. Darrell Prows says:

    If what Ginny has been saying is correct it’s all emotion all of the time. By the time they say enough to make sense most folks have apparently already stopped listening. (I hope I got that correct.)