Denial of an education

Imagine if you had a 15 year old child that was an honor roll student, and your child was denied the right to go to class because their shirt was considered to be improper. That same shirt, might be worn by someone else, and they are not considered to be in violation of school “dress-code policy.” Imagine that shirt being bought with the rest of the uniforms on a fixed pay schedule, at the cost of $260 for five outfits, that was “sold as meeting Terrebonne Parish’s uniform policy” in the section of a store that was designated for school uniforms. You then could understand the frustration of 15 year old Teandra Aubert and her mother, Julwana Celestin. A fellow student wearing the same shirt, was able to avoid being in violation because, “She’s smaller. She can get away with it.” Around 1/10 of the student population of South Terrebonne High was “sequestered in the cafeteria doing “busy work” and kept from their classes on their second day back at school.

HOUMA — Teandra Aubert, a 15-year-old honor-roll student at South Terrebonne High and a member of the Student Council and girls track team, is not accustomed to getting into trouble.

Wednesday, however, Aubert found herself joining the more than 100 students at the school who spent their second day of class sequestered in the cafeteria doing “busy work” as a result of uniform dress-code violations.


Students will be barred from attending their regular classes until their uniforms are corrected, South Terrebonne Principal Kenneth Delcambre said. He stressed that the procedure isn’t punishment but meant to fix uniform problems early in the school year.


Aubert said teachers told her the shirt she wore to school, a plain, white, Polo-style knit, violated the School Board’s dress code because of the length of her sleeves, which extended less than halfway down her upper arm.

The shirt was deemed a “cap-sleeve” garment, which is barred because of the potential for exposing bras, since the inner portion of the sleeve is significantly shorter than the outer length.

“If you raise your arm up, the undergarments are visible,” Delcambre said.

The problem, Aubert said, is that her shirt isn’t a cap-sleeve at all. Other girls wearing the same exact shirt from the same store, Aeropostale at Southland Mall, didn’t have to spend the day in the cafeteria, she added.

When she asked a teacher why a fellow student who was wearing the same shirt wasn’t in violation of the policy, Aubert said she was told, “She’s smaller. She can get away with it.”

This does not seem to be an isolated situation though. Going to the forum, you see a post titled “You’ve got to be KIDDING.” On this forum thread, you see another parent venting against this same subject, but this one is about socks. Yes, socks! LovingLIFE writes:

Check this out!

My son comes home and tells me that there are certain SOCKS to be worn at school! They have to be visible!!!! WTF…. He likes the low socks and that is what I bought! I will will raise HOLY HELL if this develops into something! This is just too crazy and ridiculous!

There seems to be a serious break down going on here. Silly me, I always thought that going to school was for learning. I guess I didn’t get the fashion memo. It seems if you buy the uniform, it still has to look good on you.

NOTE ON PHOTO: Teandra Aubert, a sophomore at South Terrebonne High, wears the shirt that got her into trouble Wednesday with the school’s uniform dress-code policy. (KEITH MAGILL/Staff)

Cross Posted from The Katrinacrat No child left unfashionable? Now that’s a new twist!

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4 Responses to Denial of an education

  1. VietnamVet says:

    Nothing suprises me about the state of Louisiana! This is a state where way back when if you were arrested for a minor traffic violation, it was generally accompanied by a sound beating by the police, before being hauled off to jail. Or, there is the case where the black Army Captain was shot in the back while simply making a phone call. Then, the case where the local sheriff shot a 45 caliber slug through a resident’s kitchen window while he was “trying to stop a fleeing black.” (Fortunately, the slug was almost spent and just bounced off the kitchen wall!) The tales abound! And, before I get some ad hominem attacks on this post, I was born and raised in the state of Louisiana!

  2. Darrell Prows says:

    When it gets to this point, I’m thinking that the school has a responsibility to outfit each child. If there is a need for this level of control (and there may well be) anything less than having the school obtain the permissible clothing and assign it to the individual is never going to result in the desired outcome.

  3. Oh fer chriss sakes! WTF? There is nothing wrong with that girls shirt, and it sure as heck isn’t a cap sleeve shirt. Someone with an over-zealous fahion police complex hasn’t got a clue. If I were her mother I would be raising a major ruckus and the same for the socks issue!

  4. I forgot to mention that South Terrebonne is the rival of my old high school, Terrebonne High. I always knew they sucked!