Six on Jindal’s Side

It’s been a while since did a blogger highlight. What better way to get back in the groove, than to highlight a fellow Louisiana blogger? A NOLA blogger at that. From Moldy City, and cross posted at The Katrinacrat, BayouStJohnDavid speaks out on Bobby Jindal.

Six on Jindal’s Side
On last night’s Six on Your Side Live, Norman Robinson asked Bobby Jindal to respond to attack ads that his opponents have been running that criticize his christian faith (no video available yet, but I’ll monitor the site). Who’s writing his questions, Roger Villere? If Robinson had asked Jindal about internet attacks on his faith, it would have been blatant spin, but technically honest. After all, belief in demonic possession does seem to be part of Jindal’s Christian faith. But Robinson should wait until the Democrats actually start running those ads before he asks about the ads that his opponents “have been running.” It may have been “are running,” I didn’t record the segment.

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