Nugent Disgusts Anew, My Response

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Readers may recall the grand Faux Nooz Flap of July, wherein Sean Hannity featured my Democratic Daily July 5 post on Nugent’s disgusting Wall Street Journal attack on the “Summer of Love” and an entire generation on July 4 as a) cover for Ann Coulter’s remark that terrorists should assassinate John Edwards, and b) THEN, in the same week, that his “friend” Ted Nugent and his family lived in fear of my “assassinating” him/them. (I know. It was an astonishing distortion of what I had written, but we pass over that mess in favor of the newest one.)

Well, Nugent has gone off the deep end again, and Hannity, on Friday’s Faux Nooz “Hannity & Colmes” attempted to defend Nugent’s latest misbehavior. Among the hypocrisies cited, Alan Colmes brought up Nugent’s tearful puling, which you can see here. Bravo, Alan Colmes! (And thanks.)

[* Naturally, completely nailed, Hannity bloviates, puffs, gyrates, contorts and pretends that facts ain’t facts and Fox remains faux. It is the unintentional comedy gem of the silly season, and should be saved for future reference. It will be the ‘gift that keeps on giving.’]

Additionally, Newshounds notes: “FOX & Friends whitewashed Nugent’s comments the next day.”

Richard Roeper, in today’s Chicago Sun-Times takes Nugent to task for his vile comments about Senators Obama, Clinton, Feinstein, Boxer and even Gov. Schwarzenegger in an article entitled:

Facing a draft, Nugent bravely wet his pants
Rocker is all talk as he calls Obama, Hillary vile names

Newshounds has a similar take on Nugent’s draft-dodging HERE.

Here is the actual video of Nugent’s “suck on my machine-gun” rant. Warning, it is NOT family safe, work safe, or for the faint of heart. Bonus additional ranting from the same concert.

Still, if you’re looking for the “moral character” of Mr. Nugent, here are some random YouTube videos that you might want for future reference:

Since Mr. Nugent has never responded to my charge that he is either ghost-written, or extensively rewritten, I will respond to him in MUSICAL terms, which — however handicapped he is by being a non-musical hack — is at least on turf that no one can accuse him of occupying falsely. He is invited to respond via crappy song, or else by “writing.”

My Response to Ted Nugent ( .mp3, 2.2 megs).

But, in case you were holding your breath, I get the distinct impression — notwithstanding all the macho bluster, the hate speech, the guns, the “I get high on gunpowder” B.S. — that Nugent is fundamentally a coward, and we will hear no more from him on this topic.


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5 Responses to Nugent Disgusts Anew, My Response

  1. Darrell Prows says:

    The imagery of suggesting that Obama suck his gun is a bit disturbing. And then there are the dehumanizing phrases used in reference to the two women.

    Anybody else suspect a little latent homosexuality there?

  2. I think that’s a wee tad harsh, Darrell.

    A more likely armchair psychoanalysis would be … hmmm … Guns? Guitars? Bows and arrows? GUNS? GUITARS? FLAMING ARROWS? More guns? A custom guitar with a derringer in the back?

    Killing. Killing. Lots and lots of killing, and when not killing, then destroying stuff with guns. Blowing up guitars. Shooting keyboards. Hmmm.

    I think that SOMEbody might just be overcompensating quite a whole lot about a paucity in the area of SOMETHING that all these symbols are emblematic of.

    Or, to put it delicately, he might not so much play a cello as an ukelele.

  3. Darrell Prows says:

    Isn’t it great that you can be certain of some things without having to really know them?

  4. Darrell: Yes! Armchair psychoanalysis is an ancient, venerable, and completely meaningless sport. But it gives us fun books like BUSH ON THE COUCH, and various un-fun ones.

    Besides, being members of the reality-based community gets stressful after awhile, and it’s good to jump into the hot-tub of bloviation now and again, if only to end up looking like the literary equivalent of a raisin.

    Or, in this case, an ukelele.

  5. Surfin Bye says:

    I am a troll. I like to cast aspersions on “liberals.” At least I do when I can manage to spell “liberal.”