And the Campaigns Get Smarter…

From Political Wire:

The Ins and Outs of Search Engine Ads
The Boston Globe explains the basics of search engine ads, “which appear on the right side of the screen under “sponsored links,” or “sponsor results,” and connect to candidate websites, are cropping up more often as campaigns seek donors and volunteers among people searching the Internet.”

“The campaigns bid on specific search keywords through an auction, so the price varies according to demand. (“War on terror” is sometimes prohibitively expensive, said one official with Republican Mitt Romney’s campaign.) The campaigns are charged only when someone clicks on an ad. And campaigns can cap their spending, so that once the limit is reached, their ad stops appearing.”

“Increasingly, the campaigns are choosing words strategically and keeping the opposition in mind. Last week, a Google search for “2002 Olympics,” the Winter Games that Romney led in Salt Lake City, called up an ad for McCain.”

See “Keywords bought by candidates.”

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4 Responses to And the Campaigns Get Smarter…

  1. Darrell Prows says:

    Maybe it’s because it’s still “pre-season” but the whole lot of them on the “R” side look soft and ripe to me. There isn’t a one of them that wants to put three inches of distance between themselves and the policies of the current adminsitartion and I don’t see that getting it done this time around.

  2. Thanks for this, Stuart. The problem seems to be, increasingly, that it isn’t about “the people” anymore. Just about demographics, statistical analysis, “clever” marketing and media manipulation.

    One wonders what an election would look like that was actually about issues, and not Frank Luntz focus-grouped “buzzwords.”

    Not ‘Democracy,’ but an amazing simulation!

    Or, “Hi. I’m Fred Thompson. I’m not your actual president, but I play one on TV.”

  3. Darrell Prows says:

    Caught Huckabee on TV this morning, and he ain’t the one to get the main job done. He thinks that the key to final victory is to appeal to the small core of Bush supporters and come at the Campaign from a position even futher to the right.

    Can’t help but hope that whoever actually does try that!

  4. Methinks Huckabee doth have that lean and hungry look.