Blitzer punks out Boustany

Rep. Charles Boustany got his backside handed to him by Wolf Blitzer of all people. While appearing on CNN’s Late Edition, Boustany tried to do the McCain and claim that “some major improvements” are being seen in Iraq, and that “sectarian deaths are down.” Wolfie pounced on him, and hit him with factual evidence. Think Progress has the story.

Appearing on CNN’s Late Edition this morning, Rep. Charles Boustany (R-LA), who recently returned from Iraq, asserted “some major improvements” are being witnessed in Iraq. Echoing claims made by Gen. David Petraeus, Boustany said “sectarian deaths are down.”

Here is a transcript from Think Progress:

BOUSTANY: We’re clearly seeing some major improvements. Clearly in the Anbar Province, we’ve seen significant improvement. We were able to walk the streets of Fallujah. Sectarian deaths are down.


BLITZER: And Congressman Boustany, you say that the number of casualties is going down. But we took a closer look — and The Los Angeles Times did as well — citing Iraqi Health Ministry numbers. In June, it was 1,227 civilian deaths in Iraq. In July, it went up to 1,753 civilian deaths in Iraq. And in August, the month that just ended, 1,773 civilian deaths in Iraq. Those numbers are going in the wrong direction.

BOUSTANY: Well, I think what I mentioned earlier, Wolf, was the number of attacks. And, clearly, we have to look at all the metrics very carefully.

BLITZER: But statistics — you can play a lot of room with statistics. In terms of dead people, civilians, Iraqi dead people, those numbers are high and they’re getting worse, despite the increased military troop levels of the United States, the so-called surge having been in effect over the past couple of months.

BOUSTANY: Well, Wolf, I want to point out that just two or three months ago, I would have never thought that four members of Congress would be able to walk through the streets of Fallujah. That’s a major…

BLITZER: But you had a lot of security with you. You had a lot of U.S. military protection.

BOUSTANY: We had a platoon of Marines.

BLITZER: Yes, well, a platoon of Marines is a lot of Marines to walk through Fallujah. That’s not like…

BOUSTANY: But, Wolf, three months ago, two months ago, not even that could have happened so I think that’s…

BLITZER: I was in Fallujah two years ago, and it was a bad situation then. But some argue that maybe there’s a slight improvement right now, but it’s still very dangerous.

BOUSTANY: I would argue that the improvement is major.

BLITZER: And if you didn’t have a platoon of Marines with you, you couldn’t be walking around by yourself.

Like McCain, Boustany is stupid for thinking people are going to believe that hyped up BS! Too bad we don’t have a pic of the idiot walking with body armour and the platoon of Marines like with McCain. Can’t you feel us swell with pride, knowing that moron is a Louisiana Congressman?

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2 Responses to Blitzer punks out Boustany

  1. Darrell Prows says:

    Was Blitzer just feeling feisty for a change, or is this something that we can finally hope to see more of? I sometimes wonder if right wingers have a god given right to make stuff up just because they feel like it.

  2. Darrell Prows says:

    Donnie: I saw your guy on PBS last night. What a jerk! The show sucked to (McNeil). After establishing that the House favors ending the surge, the four person panel was 3/4ths in favor of continuing it. Needless to say that Boustany got away with the same stuff that Blitzer busted him on.