Blogger Highlight: Gentilly Girl

The following Highlight gives a shout out to NOLA blogger, Gentilly Girl. Take a good look into Southern Decadence 2007. Can you guess what story is told in the pic? Think real hard. Thank you for being you Gentilly Girl, we love ya!

What can I say about Decadence? It’s very large gathering of Gay folks for the last few days in August finishing off for the Labor Day Weekend here in New Orleans. I’ve attended several since I moved back home, but this year I skipped it since the anniversary of the Federal Flood this year ate my soul, mind and body alive. (Took an “introspectional trip instead, and didn’t leave the hovel.) Also, I know that Samhain isn’t that far away and I have one Hell-of-a-good-time for that celebration.

This year the Queers showed up in force and pumped $$$$$$$$$ into the City’s coffers and did that voo-doo that only they can do. It was a little more restrained this year, but damn! Hardly any of us have our many year’s long toy chests full of wigs, toys and outfits. As far as I know it was also fairly peaceful.

Here’s a pic from the T-P that I thought was really tres kewl (Can you guess what it’s about?):

Here’s the article.

It also tickles my tush that the Black Men of Labor had a good showing for their Parade. Yesterday is just another example of how two supposedly disparate communities can live here and have a party at the same, within sighting distance and still be smiling and enjoying each other’s parties. It’s just another aspect of the special form of Magic that lives here. In most things we get along or at least let each other be when it’s party-time.

Now I’m getting ready for All Hallows Eve, and not pulling punches this year… (and no, I’m not telling about the outfit.)

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One Response to Blogger Highlight: Gentilly Girl

  1. Darrell Prows says:

    Federal money for this? Ya’ll r gonna have to wait fer the Dems.