Let’s do lunch

Take a look at that title for this post! You want to know where that came from? Hillary, that’s where! Via email, Hillary invites me to lunch, if I contribute to her campaign, and if I’m picked as “one supporter to come to my house in DC, along with a guest, to share lunch and talk.”

Dear Friend,

Contribute by midnight on Friday, September 7 and you and a guest could join Hillary for lunch at her home.
Let’s do lunch. Let’s talk, you and me — about whatever you’d like. Our hopes. Our goals. Our work. The weather. Maybe even politics.

I think it would be fun to have you over for lunch, at my table, in my home in Washington. You and I both know that we need a serious change of direction in this country. So let’s sit down for a meal and talk about exactly the best way to make that change a reality.

Of course, that change can’t happen if we don’t win. So I’m asking you today to demonstrate your commitment to real change by supporting my campaign with a contribution. We’re going to choose one supporter to come to my house in DC, along with a guest, to share lunch and talk. And if you contribute between now and midnight Friday, September 7, it could be you.

Don’t hold your breath Hillary! If you want to have lunch with me, or any other Louisiana blogger for that matter, take a flight down here! You can come up with the fare much easier than those of us here in Katrinaville and Ritaville. You want to have lunch, come down and enjoy the age old food of our ancestors. Many have tried to copy it, but you can only get the real thing here. Here, where we are just a small blip on the radar. Except when photo ops are needed. You want to speak to us, then do it, and don’t talk about it. I challenge you Senator Clinton!


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One Response to Let’s do lunch

  1. Darrell Prows says:

    Do you get to bring a guest? How much do I have to pay to come along? Maybe we can get a reservation on the Lincoln Bedroom while we’re there.