Shoot High, Aim Low

Well, not always. Musician is killed for Banging on Door:

DALLAS, Sept. 4 — A Texas rock musician was shot to death here early Monday by a neighbor who fired through a closed door, thinking he was scaring off a burglar.

“The musician, Jeffrey Carter Albrecht, 34, a keyboardist with Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians and the Dallas rock band Sorta, was shot in the head after he startled a man and his wife about 4 a.m. by pounding and kicking at their back door, the police said. Mr. Albrecht had just assaulted his girlfriend, who lives next door and had locked him out of her house, the police said.

“The neighbor, who has not been identified by the police, was awakened by his wife’s screams that someone was breaking into their home, according to the police report. The man yelled for the person to go away, but when the pounding continued, he fired through the top of the door.

“Mr. Albrecht, who was about 6-foot-5, was struck in the head.”

Ooops. But guess what? The murderer (er, “scared neighbor”) won’t face any criminal or civil charges because of a new Texas law.

“Texas has protected the right to “stand your ground” and use deadly force to protect oneself at home without first trying to retreat since 1995. And a law that took effect on Saturday expanded that so-called “castle doctrine” to apply to public spaces.

“The law also expanded civil immunity and could make it more difficult for the Albrecht family or relatives of those killed in similar incidents in Texas to win a wrongful-death suit, said James Dark, executive director of the Texas State Rifle Association, which lobbied for the new law.”

Yee Haw! Don’t mess with Texas (or its guns), right?

Also known as the “shoot first, ask questions later” law, my home state Georgia passed a similar version of this kind of insanity earlier this year, and the law went into effect July 1st. So far, no one has been murdered (er, “stood grounded” or “man and his castled” whatever), but just give it time, folks.

Couple of moral lessons here. Number one, don’t beat your girlfriend and then go looking for refuge at someone else’s house when she locks you out, screaming and yelling at 4am.

Number two, don’t be a wuss and shoot through closed doors because you wet your pants. Call 911 like most normal people.

That this murderer (er, “scaredy neighbor”) won’t face criminal charges is astounding. That he won’t face civil liability even more astounding.

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3 Responses to Shoot High, Aim Low

  1. Darrell Prows says:

    We Utahns think so highly of “concealed carry” that the combination of our law, our fees, and reciprocity mean that we have people from almost every state getting their permits here. The office that does the background checks on this got so swamped with requests, each costing more to fill than the revenue generated, that they haven’t been able to check things like people working at daycares, etc.

  2. ziggyq says:

    stay off my porch too~

  3. Wow… What a story. Sad.