The Gay Debate In Oregon

In light of the recent developments in the Larry Craig scandal, not-scandal, entrapment, embarrassment,completely false allegations that I will fight and if so will NOT resign from the senate, even though a lot of my colleagues really want me to” thing, a report from Oregon seems in order.

We do, after all, abut Idaho to the East.

In 2004, as part of the “wedge issue” agenda of the GOP, an “Anti Gay Marriage” amendment was put on the ballot for the election. Its supporters assured Oregonians that it wasn’t about “civil unions” (which they had no problems with). It was JUST about that evil “Gay Marriage.” It passed.

A good friend of mine was recently accosted by two petition-gatherers, who represent those forces that formerly didn’t have a problem with civil unions. Saying that the Oregon legislature “betrayed” the voters after passing civil union legislation in the last session (2007), they now offer two new amendments to strike down any gay rights whatsoever. He wrote a letter to the local newspaper, which I reproduce here, entirely without his kind permission.

Dear Editor:

I have recently seen petition gatherers at Wal*Mart and the post office. I was told that they were trying to get signatures for Proposition 303 and 304 in order to prevent the gay and lesbian agendas from being imposed on all Oregonians without their say, or permission.

Gosh people do seem to be afraid of gays and lesbians getting rights. I have heard that if gays marry, that my marriage will be in jeopardy. This scares the hell out of me, because I have a lot of money and time invested in my wife of over 40 years. I would sure hate to lose my investment. No one seems to be able to explain how I will lose it, but I am sure that this must be so because these people seem so sincere.

Hey, I keep on hearing about gay and lesbian agendas. What sort of agendas do they have, and when do they have meetings? Do they collect dues when they have meetings, and what does it take to join? I keep on hearing from religious people that it is a “choice” thing and many people think that it is really cool to be gay. Are there very many benefits, can they get discounts?

I am not sure that the Bible has much stuff in it about being gay, but it seems to have a lot of stuff about adultery, lying, killing, and stealing. Come to think of it, the Mosaic law also forbids
eating pork, usury, and wearing clothing with mixed fibers (cotton polyester?). It says that these things are an abomination. Is being gay worse than these things, and if it is worse, why doesn’t the Bible have more stuff to say about it? The Bible talks about these things a lot more than it does about gays and homosexuals. Is there a reason for this? Does it mean that the rest of us require more supervision?

Next time I see a petition gatherer, I think I might ask them some of these questions.

Thank you so much. I really want to know.

Bill Eagle

As you can tell, confusion reigns in Oregon. Which is why, perhaps denizens of the District of Columbia and the Lower 48 ought to be able to understand our predicament, as well. Alaska and Hawaii probably won’t get it, though.


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  1. Oh my! Great LTE from Bill!

  2. Oh my! Great LTE from Bill!