Reaper Speak: You’re all sick and diseased!

Alright, I’m back, and I’m ready to give a gentle swipe of the blade. Okay, it may not be all that gentle come to think of it. What better place to put up for a blade swing, than the local forum? A place where the wingnuts have gone overboard this time. Open wide….it’s medicine time! SWOOSH!

Over at the local forums, on, some of the most insane things can be seen at times. This time, I came across something that really got me pissed! It never fails, the nuts find a way to bring something else into a post that has nothing to do with it. But it is much worse, when blatant racism and bigotry is spewed out, and left unchanged. Let me start with the original post, and give you some of the comments made on there. It started out, with one simple thing from Closethehnc. Closethehnc gave the thread the title: Gay Marriage in Terrebonne! Then linked to You tube, under the same title.

What you saw as the post, was just this: Gay Marriage in Terrebonne! What ensued after, was four pages of some of the most sickest comments you can imagine. Not all fell for the hate, but those that did comment with talking points and hate, will make you sick in the soul. I will pick some of them, and I must warn everyone ahead of time. What you are about to read, will not be easy to see. I am about to take you on a walk on the dark side. Follow the Reaper now, into the depths of hate and bigotry.

These are some of the comments posted in response to that title I mentioned:

mscrazee1 started the comments off with just this:

Gay Marriages, I don’t have a problem with it.They are who they are… Who are we to judge them we have more important things as drugs that are distroying our people by the seconds.
We have deseases that cures need to be found. We have unwanted children that need homes. We have the homeless. We could go on & on. At one time you did’nt see white marring black, Oh my God!!! It was a disgrace to Marry out of your race. People over came it, they ajusted as we say and accepted it. Now Gay Marriages I give it another 10 years and it’ll be no Big Deal. Just so everyone knows their place in society and minds their own bussiness. Remember if every person did one nice thing for another,it’s giving of yourself. Friends Are for Sharing.

Then with the very next comment, the nuts started:

tootall: Close … you want to close the HNC and the GIWW .. and you want all teh Oilers to move out … leaving what for the rest of us to do .. and not you would like Terrebonne to Promote gay marriage …

WHat is your master plan for Terrebonne??

Change the Name of Houma to Souther San Fransisco … ? Last time I was there on Business ..t here is no .. HNC .. or GIWW or any Oilers … maybe you should just move there and leave us to our Oilers .. and problems …

1157023: Exactly who is accepting interracial Marriages? The people who have white daughters marrying Blacks? Where this has gone on for some time now, the popularity of it is relativly new. It is too soon to tell what the consequences of interracial unions are i.e. the children and extended families. Young people make many mistakes in life and learn from expeirences but I truely believe that some of these mistakes could and should be avoided for the individuals long term happiness, Not what seems to make you happy now. To me this is a fad along with the sagging pants epidemic. Surely later on in life these people will have regrets and sadly once you go black you can’t come back. They will find out when it comes time for child support payments and insurance reasons and these kids will end up being taken care of by your government. I Am already seeing this in these types of unions to where the grandparents end up raising the kids because the crack is controlling these so called adults lives.These Grandparents didn’t ask for this!! The “relationships” are dooomed from the get go and a lot of times are there just for the attention factor. As for as that goes so is the Gay thing at least they can’t bring any innocent children into the world!! Once you go gay , you have to stay!I personally am against gay marriages because it goes against Nature and any time you mess with nature it has it’s precursers.” Nature coming from natural”. The same thing with interracial unions. If god would have wanted interracial unions we would all be the same color. I know a Lot of you won’t agree with me BUT I am not here to pacify any of you! You can repost me, Quote me, shoot me for that matter, but I am intitled to my opinion and this is it. I also won’t stoop to your level and argue on the forum. As for as that goes most of you are on “ignore” anyway.

sweetietam: I agree with you 100% on this subject. Watch out we will be called a racist.(NOTE: This was in response to 1157023)

In the middle of the toxic spew, bianca19 comes in with this wonderful comment:

For those of you who quote the bible, remember that the teachings of Jesus are about love and forgiveness and to let the judge be God. Why is that so hard to understand?

I am a lesbian. I know that God loves me because I am a wonderful person. I would never harm or hurt another human being. I teach children in impoverished areas and I know I make a difference in their lives as maybe one of their few positive role models. Is it their business to know who I’m in love with? Absolutely not. I do not flaunt who I am. No one other than a few family members, my closest friends, and my significant other know that I am gay.

We are not all disgusting trash or pedofiles. My “friend” is a successful business owner and you would NEVER know that we are any different. So many of us are like that. We just want to be accepted for the good people that we are and be treated as any other human being. Trust me, we don’t want you to know.

If gay marriage or civil unions are legal, it’s not like you have to attend the wedding. I just want the rights that any loving couple deserves. We have no shared benefits, we can not inherit anything from each other, and if she dies all of OUR things (like our house) can become property of her family. If she is ever in critical care at the hospital, I won’t even be allowed to see her, even if she dies, because I am not a relative or legal spouse. Do you have any idea how frightening that is to know? She could be in pain or pass on and I can’t be there to hold her hand.

It was not my choice to be gay. I was married to a man for a long time. He was wonderful. But I knew I was living a lie. I had to go to therapy a get on medication for depression. I wanted to kill myself. And over what? For feeling actual, true love for someone of the same sex? That was the only choice I made…to try to be straight. Now I’m living the life that I KNOW is true to me. And, I’ve never felt closer to God.

Now we get to the point of no return! The following comment is one of the most vile things I can imagine. It has earned the Houma Daily Courier a call from me to remove it! There is no reason for this garbage to still be up! As I have warned before, this will contain some strong words, and might make you sick. This is pure evil!

boomup49: Gay marriage?? White women sleeping with niggers?? What the hell , let’s just do away with any and all moral restraints!! It is getting to the point that one has to accept any and all forms of perverse behaviour to be “politically correct”. Everybody wonders why the hell the world is going to hell in a handbasket. Now, the damned illegal immigrants are demanding a slice of the pie that I worked my whole life to pay into – what the hell did they do to deserve any of it? Well, screw all of them.Gays should be shot-niggers sent back to Africa and fry the wetbacks in taco grease.

And it continues!

sweetietam: If gay people wants to get married then go to another state where they approve it. As for people wanting to get with other people of other races I do not approve of it.It is wrong to mix with the colors, that is why we are a dying race. I want to keep my race white ,that is all. No the blacks do not deserve to go back to Africa, that was a rude thing to say. They deserve to be here just like any of us.As for as the other races, yes they are dipping into our pie, now that is wrong.

I told you I was taking you on a walk into the dark side. How can a mention of gay marriage end up like this? Does the right really consider gay and interracial marriages to be one and the same?

NOTE: All wordings of the quoted comments are left in full context. No spelling corrections or changes were done.

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Moderator’s Note: I have been in contact with someone from The Houma Daily Courier. They had no idea of the comment, and they were quick to respond. That forum has many things up at one time, and keeping up with it is near impossible. Bloggers like us, can make the difference. If we see it, let them know. They don’t want that kind of stuff up there, as much as we don’t want to see it. Thank you for the speedy response Ross! Thank you Houma Daily Courier! Reaper, make the same note at your place. Thank you Reaper for bringing this into the light. But did you have to go national with it? Geez!!!!

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3 Responses to Reaper Speak: You’re all sick and diseased!

  1. That’s one hell of a return to blogging buddy! I’m going to sleep now for tonight, try not to stir up too much while I do. 😆

  2. Karin says:

    Where is this 1557023 I need to speak with them. I’ve go a great response to that small-mindedness.

  3. Karin,

    Someone from the local paper deleted it all. They were not happy about getting punked out like that. The Reaper started a big deal when he posted this. It now seems like either has tech problems, or the idiot banned me and the Reaper. If anyone can get to it right now, let me know. If that idiot banned me, they can expect me to hit back.

    Hey Reaper, are you ready to take on the Houma Courier? Being a New York Times regional paper, we can have a blast if they did! Get ready to have some fun now. I have the guy’s email.