Bush and The Marching Morons

I cleaned up the references and added the links for you. But I finished this letter to a friend of mine whom I’ve known ever since I was a kid — covering the World Fantasy Convention in 1978 (you do the math) — and it’s worth repeating as a blog posting. (The term “posting” BTW predates blogging and the internet by a long shot, and refers to putting mail in the “post.”)

Dear ***:

I owe you not one, but TWO emails.

Today’s nice news. I’m featured on Crooks & Liars‘ “Blog Roundup.” [Thanks Mike F!]

[“Meet The New Baghdad Bob” Gee: I wonder if that means I’m no longer a “minor, conspiracy-minded fringe player“? See HERE for details.]

Nice to wake up to.

Yes, the sex police stuff is just so much smoke and mirrors. I suggested a few weeks ago that blackmail was being used to control congress — the massive surveillance that’s going on CANNOT but eventually tempt the stoutest heart, and these ratfuckers are the very antithesis of stout hearts. Does anybody seriously believe that Rove DIDN’T (and doesn’t) have the “goods” on all of his political enemies, on both sides of the aisle?

Yeah. Right.

Well, after being pooh-poohed for that observation, it’s trickled upwards and seems to be finally no longer the “thought that dare not speak its name.”

You see, the Bushies are painted into a corner. And everybody thinks they’ll cave when, in fact, the can’t AFFORD to cave. And they’ve got the power* (and the prisons, thanks to Halliburton) to fuck us up good if we start getting uppity.

[*This is just hot off the griddle. Three hours old as I write this. HW]

So, this whole bullshit debate about “gay” and Vitter, and all the rest [the ‘Larry Craig’ scandal] is the usual bullshit. And evidently they’re getting enough play to use it to cover up the massive Aussie protests against Der Dubya. (Dumbass). And they’re selling their fictional version of their illegal war.

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

I have never QUITE nailed it down, but there is a nexus of evil (Nyarlathotep? Cthulu?) in Sacramento that seems to be the GOP version of the TARDIS. They were the ones who pulled off the Arnold putsch. They are the ones behind the phony Melanie Morgan photo-op slithering to DC as “Move American Forward” ( see my ” Swift Boat Moms in Winnebagos” cited by Sourcewatch)

They are the manpower center for our weird Oregon initiatives too often. They gave us Reagan, Ahhhhhhnold, Tricky Dick and now Fred Thompson (referred to as “Frederick of Hollywood” an appellation that cries out for my PhotoShoppery, I fear).

Doesn’t ANYBODY “get” that it’s the same carney barkers flimming the same old flams?

Or, are the Marching Morons finally in charge? There’s a Mike Judge film that I saw on cable the other night, which friends have been calling and either “Eureka!-ing” about the Cyril M. Kornbluth tale*, or else innocently noticing how much t’is uncomfortably like today.

[* Included in the “Science Fiction Hall of Fame“]

Me? I loved the movie (Idiocracy). I immediately saw the CMK connection, and thought that the inventor of “Beavis and Butthead” [Mike Judge] had truly played to his forté. HOWEVER, I’ve been saying for years now that when I read TMM, I thought it was wild satire, and now it seems more like straight reportage. (When [David] Gerrold wrote “Tribbles” [for the Original Star Trek] the network FREEEKED and went out and bought [Robert A.] Heinlein’s rights to the “flatcats” story. So, I wonder if the Kornbluth estate ever got paid? They OUGHT to sue, if so.


Turns out that Judge shot the film in and around Austin, TX in 2004, and delivered in early 2005, and Fox (natch!) sat on it for well over a year, finally giving it a 135-screen release in the dog days of fall 2006, where it vanished. [Gross? $444,093 in 135 theaters in the U.S. Worldwide: $485,199.]


But I saw something that made evil sense to me. It insults Rupert Murdoch’s core audience. The financiers of all the evil that he has done, the aiders and abetters to the ugliest robber baron of the Fin de Siècle and the beginning of XXI, The Jetsons Century™. No wonder he’d be mortified by TMM. And kill the film [Idiocracy] by sitting on it, and not releasing it to but 135 theaters without no support, etc. etc.

What with the Bushies and their allies bound and determined to COMPLETELY discredit “straight” news, and turn everything into a “he said/she said” (e.g. “evolution”), the world is beginning to resemble any issue of


Which has, alas, left the newsstands and only exists online.

Like my career.



(* Or is dead. Reports vary: ” … the last issue being printed on August 3rd”)

“It would be easy for us, if we do not learn to understand the world and appreciate the rights, privileges and duties of all other countries and peoples, to represent in our power the same danger to the world that Fascism did.”

— Ernest Hemingway

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