Kerry on “This Week” Sunday

Tune in tomorrow.

UPDATE: Senators John McCain & John Kerry debate Iraq on Sunday

On the eve of General Petraeus? long-awaited report to Congress on the effectiveness of the troop surge, Senators John McCain and John Kerry join the debate exclusively on “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” this Sunday.

Republican Presidential candidate, Ranking Member of the Armed Services Committee, and Vietnam veteran Senator John McCain (R-AZ) joins George Stephanopoulos to discuss when and whether American troops should begin withdrawing troops from Iraq and whether the Iraqi government has successfully met the benchmarks for progress set by Congress.

Then, in another exclusive interview, George gets the Democratic response from another Vietnam veteran, former Presidential candidate, and member of the Foreign Relations committee, Senator John Kerry (D-MA).

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7 Responses to Kerry on “This Week” Sunday

  1. Darrell Prows says:

    McCain is going to say “it doesn’t really matter if the political benchmarks were met. Politics is a difficult thing. The two sides can’t always even get along in this country”, and I’m going to puke. I’m not sure who is putting together the playbook now that Rove is gone, bit I’d almost like to see him back just so that I would never again have to listen to something that assinine.

  2. alrudder says:

    JK should keep it simple:
    An Oil revenue sharing deal plus Security on the ground equals a Political deal

    The first isn’t happening at all, the second is only a partial improvement.

    Conventional wisdom is that McCain won the GOP debate this week and is his old-self on the stump these days. If JK slays him tomorrow,………….ahhhhh I’ll just get over the fact he’s not running again 🙁

  3. DAS from San Diego says:

    I hope Kerry and others will more forcefuly lead a charge to bring this war to an end. I feel our party is doing a lot of tip-toeing, playing it safe for ’08? Not wanting our party to be called responsible for an “unsuccessful” withdrawal (eventhough we know the administration could work together with Congress to bring them home in a responsible manner)? Who knows the true cause of this hesitation? But as we have all heard and said before, our party is in a leadership position (I know…don’t give me the “we don’t have the votes” mantra) and yet we are not acting like leaders.

    Perception is EVERYTHING. The silence by our leadership is painful…literally painful. Yes, there are articles here and there with words from Durbin or Reid, etc. but not the necessary momentum to direct and rally support. As usual, we leave the door open for months for the release of more deceptive messages from those manipulating and shaping the cause to stay in Iraq. It’s not Repubs vs. Democrats, it’s about what’s right for America. Something this simple seems so hard for our party to vocalize.

    Hopefully Kerry’s time on air will help make some difference. Maybe we can begin to hear our leadership act like the majority we asked them to be.

    I understand it is not simple for Congress to get things done in this environment and I know that we may not always get what we want. BE WE DON’T EVEN ACT LIKE A PARTY THAT KNOWS WHAT WE WANT! WHAT IS GOING ON!!!

    Regardless of the continued bloodshed…I hate to think our party is finding comfort in feeling it’s better to keep the war going on as Bush’s war instead of beginning withdrawal and having it become Congress’ war? It’s wrong now and it’s wrong later. It’s time to just do the right thing.

  4. Kootenay says:

    Thank you DAS! I was beginning to wonder – the party that many put so much faith in, that we believed would provide a focus for war resistance, has been sadly lacking to date. I just hope grassroots pressure can up the ante at some point, this endless hesitation is becoming demoralizing.

  5. greenbean says:

    McCain has a case “Anbar” province, Kerry does not. But Anbar was not won entirely by military. Being out-numbered by Shiiti is a fact with Sunnis. Yet it could bankrupt America if buying and sustain peace city by city in Iraq. Nevertheless it is a great move from the administration to make the argument.

  6. Darrell Prows says:

    According to McCain “we can’t afford to lose”. Sadly, he did not, and presumably could not, articulate what a “victory” would look like. Accordingly, it would seem that McCain (and all others of his ilk) will be content to see us just continue to spend blood and treasure in Iraq forever.

    For his part, Kerry was content to say “we don’t have sixty votes”. I, as a complete political amatuer could have made that comment. I was hoping for something more forceful and creative from one of the better political minds in the entire Democratic universe. It looks like Bush managed to get the hook into the fish’s mouth, and, rather than fight for life, the fish is content to just be reeled in.

    And it really hurts to say that not one of the Demo eight has any better idea than the Congressional Dems.

  7. Indie Liberal says:

    There were people that thought Kerry did well. I don’t know what more people want. Kerry can’t do this all by himself. I don’t think he let Bush get the hook into his mouth. Unless, I am missing something.