Obama in Portland: America is Back!

EDITOR’S NOTE: From Sandnsea on DU:

So much to tell! If you get a chance to go hear this man speak, GO!

Foremost, He said: “We Can End This War Without George Bush.” He is echoing Kerry, Richardson, Dodd, etc – they are going to spin this Petraeus report and it is important to Call Your Republican Senators and Reps NOW, Keep The Pressure On. That’s exactly what John Kerry said, we are more unified than the media is reporting and the Republicans are waivering. Don’t let these media reports influence your dedication to end the war.

It was a fantastic event in Portland. He drew as many paying attendees as some other politicians drew to free events in the past. It was a nice crowd, not your typical Portland Dem crowd in my estimation. These were voters, no doubt about it. There were 20-somethings to very elderly, every race, nationality and religion. Lots of parents brought their kids. Justin Timberlake was also in town, maybe that’s why there weren’t many teens. Obama made a joke about it – warned people they were in the wrong place if they were looking for Justin Timberlake; that he doesn’t sing, and while he dances a little bit, he wasn’t going to be doing any dancing that night.

I sat next to a lady who had shook John Kennedy’s hand in Portland in 1960.

You already know he can electrify a crowd so I won’t bore you with that. My favorite parts:

As President, he will go to the world and say… America Is BACK!! We want to work with you on climate change, HIV/AIDS, ending the genocide in Darfur…Building schools in the ME that teach science and math instead of violence and hate. We will work with you world, to change the path we’re on.

He also rejected the arrogant stubborn foreign policy that refuses to talk to dictators – and said that that was NOT America, that torturing people and holding people without the ability to answer charges was NOT America, he had a whole list of things and got the crowd fired up on that note too.

George Bush has been a great advertisement for the Democratic Party, but we need to have more to say to make the changes we need. No more tinkering around the edges.

He won’t be perfect, but he will listen to everybody and he will tell the people the truth, even if they don’t want to hear what needs saying.

He ends with asking us to believe in ourselves and believe in what America can be again, and to get…

Fired Up! and Ready To Go!

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4 Responses to Obama in Portland: America is Back!

  1. Welcome to The Dem Daily Sandnsea! I’ll make my way to DU to check you out.

  2. Darrell Prows says:

    Is Obama another one who is content to put everything on auto pilot until the inauguration? I would love to hear from someone who has some thoughts for what we do today.

  3. Sandy says:

    We need a veto proof majority to end the war “without George Bush”. We need to keep the pressure on the Republicans, it’s right there in the post. Biden was on Russert this morning saying that the surge has not worked. He also said he couldn’t even be driven out of Ramadi because it’s not safe enough, you have to be choppered in and out. Obama has legislation to begin withdrawal and have it completed by March 30. Kerry is calling for legislation to support a deadline.

    Once again, we have people listening to the media, despite John Kerry himself warning us that the propaganda was coming.

    They are all saying the surge isn’t working and we need to keep pressure up to get a plan to get out. If you aren’t part of those helping spread that message, then you’re enabling Bush to spread his lies and extend the war.

  4. DAS from San Diego says:

    Nice to hear you all discuss the need to disregard the media. I do believe the “surge is successful” propaganda by the administration has been allowed to spread and has even been pushed (supported) by the media. This has added to much of my frustration and my feeling that the Dem leadership is not being forceful enough.

    I think that if the Dem leadership continues (starts) calling this misinformation what it is…it may help clear up this haze so many Americans are obliviously walking through. We need alot of Dem Senators & Reps to stand up…especially the more moderate & the conservative Dems, etc… Don’t just leave it up to those from the more liberal areas to carry the load. Please come out… be seen, do what your constituents want and realize America knows you are being responsible in your approach to ending this war. You are showing true dedication & respect for the troops and the Americans know it!

    I will be calling Senators & Reps and asking others to do the same. We all have to keep up the fight eventhough we may not feel enough solidarity in the party overall.