Give us real answers Vitter!

I am not satisfied with any of the side stepping answers given from Vitty-cent, or his side stepping minions. I want real answers, and I want them now. So I will link to Vitty-cent’s site, and will make some calls. I am calling you out Sin-ator Vitty-cent. The Republicans called for Craig to resign, and you got the good ole boy slap on the back upon your return. I and the rest of the nation want to know why. Lets look at what was said about you:

Days after Senator David Vitter apologized for using an escort service in Washington, D.C., a woman who once worked as a prostitute in Louisiana said he was a regular client of hers several years ago while he was a state legislator.

The woman worked under the name Wendy Cortez. Her birth name is Wendy Yow, according to her ex-husband, who asked not to be named but said he has seen her birth certificate.

Yow, contacted through relatives, called The Times-Picayune Wednesday night and said Vitter was a regular customer of hers, but said the two did not have a personal romantic relationship. She claimed to have severed ties with him after she found out he was married. Yow said it was a part of her life she hoped to put behind her.

On Thursday, The Times-Picayune asked Vitter’s office whether he had ever hired a prostitute or knew Wendy Cortez. In response, his office issued a statement that referenced his Monday apology regarding the Washington escort service and reiterated that he was not implicated in a federal investigation that led to the closing of a Canal Street brothel in 2001.

”Senator Vitter was very honest and direct in his statement on Monday. Unfortunately, that has resulted in political enemies and those looking to profit from the situation shopping all sorts of false stories. Four different lawyers in the Canal Street matter, including the lead defense attorney and the U.S. attorney, have confirmed Senator Vitter had nothing to do with the operation in any way. But sadly the media insists on being completely irresponsible and continues to report rumors and false accusations,” said Joel DiGrado, a Vitter spokesperson.

I am a Louisiana citizen and native of this state, and you are my Sin-ator, regardless of if I want you to be or not. You therefore, owe me and the rest of this state answers. Honest answers! We get answers, or we take you out of office! Don’t expect people to just forget this before you come up for re-election. We will keep it out there for all to remember. Here’s a reminder for you:

You know, the one that looks like this lady:

Just in case you are confused, I’m speaking of Wendy Yow, AKA Wendy Cortez!

Have you ever met this woman, or anyone in her employ? Do you know this woman in any form? Ever? Have you ever spoken to her, or anyone in her employ? Ever? This is your chance to be free of “sin” and give an honest answer. Don’t let yourself go to hell over a “sin” and another lie Vitty-cent, tell the truth, they say it will set you free after all.

Enough is enough, time to come clean Vitty! The truth, or your resignation. Cross Posted from The Katrinacrat Blog

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3 Responses to Give us real answers Vitter!

  1. Darrell Prows says:

    It looks like if he prefered guys instead of gals, he’d be gone by now. As it is, his buddies over in the Senate take one look at your pics and say “Hot damn”.


  2. But Darrell, the problem with this is, we Louisiana bloggers will not just let it go. You see, we don’t have the blinders on. WE WANT ANSWERS! WE demand more, and will get it, or his resignation. Or WE will get him out of office. HE is in our sights, and we sense the blood in the water. We know a BS artist when we see it. Vitter is chum, and we are in a circle under his boat. Come out to play Vitter, we see the water to be just fine for a swim.

  3. Darrell Prows says:

    Clearly a worthy undertaking. Good luck!