So Much For Napkin Rings

The obscene orgy of lies continues unabated, with the monkeyhouse awash* in feces-tossing (like Hugh Hewitt in the LA TIMES) and including ‘getting’ the original ‘Swiftboating’ victim, Senator John Kerry, to repudiate for their (truthful) ad yesterday. (See yesterday’s post for details.)

[* Example: “The way that the Democrats and their overlords have been trashing the credibility of General Petraeus my implying that he was lying yesterday or was just a puppet for the White House is a new low.” Lying on the low ground claiming the high ground. “Overlords”? Good ghod.]

Pay heed:

From yesterday’s Swiftboated Again

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  1. J[ohn] K[erry] also discussed this on Hardball. Matthews tried to tie DKos and bloggers into this mess. It was clearly a difficult response for JK to make watching the video. JK is vet, regardless of what the swiftboaters did to him, he doesn’t take lightly anyone’s service being dissed. There’s video of JK on Hardball on NRO. All I can say is I wish JK was not put on the spot by Matthews and then CNN.
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  3. Hart Williams Says:
    September 11th, 2007 at 3:36 am

    You know what? That’s EXACTLY what the tactic is all about. First, they discredit us: MoveOn (which was formed during the impeachment), and DailyKos, and then the bloggers …


    And using the classical Ruling Class tactic of divide and conquer, they paint good men like Senator Kerry into corners and they dutifully recant, disavow, etc.And Senator Kerry looks like a fool. And MoveOn look like fools, and bloggers like me look like fools, and the bastards chortle.It has to stop. This tactic will continue and continue and continue until we understand the process, and how to STOP it.

    That’s why I’ve spent two years of my life in free investigative reporting, tracing the anatomy of these tricks, these electoral cons, and these slimy smears.

    Just like the one today. Senator Kerry is a good man made to look foolish in disavowing a group that spoke truth.

    Democrats and Progressives need to get it through their thick goddam skulls that we are dealing with barbarians, and all your teatime manners, all your “advanced degrees” and all the good will in the world don’t stop barbarians.

    They bloody INSTALLED Arnold Schwarzenegger into the governor’s chair in California, after destroying Gray Davis … a good public servant for DECADES … by pinning the blame for the Enron price gouging on HIM.

    Come on! Stop with the goddamned fiddle faddle, and the politeness bullshit, and the peecee guilt and recognize that those claiming that MoveOn “disparaged” Petraeus spend their entire LIVES disparaging people, and are well paid to so do.

    Senator Kerry is an honorable man, as are they all honorable men, but if they can’t stand up to the barbarians, then I fear that we must remove our Democrats and provide new guardians of our liberties.

    There are no excuses: the left, the progressives, the spineless have been made to look like fools in the middle of a debate (which we’re not having because of this Swiftboating BS) on ENDING THIS DAMNED WAR.

    Now, you may not have blood in the kitty, but my son is in the United States Army, and I’ll be goddamned if I run around repudiating anybody on my side, be they Larry Flynt, be they Alan Colmes, be they ME. And certainly, be they Senator John Kerry.

    But this has got to stop. You fight barbarians with cudgels, not with napkin rings.


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