And The Pack of Candidates Changes?

I’ve been fascinated with the press being given Joe Biden and Chris Dodd. Both are showing leadership and passion. The videos and statements posted in the last few days by both show the power of their presence.

Are we about to see a change in the ‘leaders’ of the race? Is it always going to be Senators Clinton and Obama with Edwards catching up?

Both Biden and Dodd, like any candidate, have their pluses and minuses. That will always be true. If you, or other voters and activists, can eliminate a candidate based on a single vote, like Biden support for the bankruptcy bill or Dodd’s vote on the original resolution for Iraq, then you essentially eliminate all candidates! Every candidate with time in office will have positions and votes where we disagree. But should one vote or a few position differences justify eliminating candidates from the race?

It’s my believe that we are seeing an important change in the Presidential race. Biden is doing much better in Iowa and NH than expected. Dodd is simply surging, (to use an unfortunate word), in the press and with the public. Both have powerful, innovative websites. (Biden, Dodd)

John Edwards made a masterful move last night with his purchase on MSNBC of 2 minutes of time to reply to Bush’s statement. It is innovative politics at it’s best. While I did not see the original presentation here is the YouTube video of that two minute message. Notice the power of the longer timeframe.

I would like to see comments about Edwards, Biden and Dodd. Their move closer to the front seems to be a very important development. Any thoughts?

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3 Responses to And The Pack of Candidates Changes?

  1. Darrell Prows says:

    I have a very strong desire to see this country finally elect a President who is not a white male. I think that that accomplishment would denote a form of national maturity. That having been said, I see not one of the current candidates who I feel confident would be an excellent President (the only sleeper being Obama), amd, likewise, none who would be worse than good.

    (The Republicans could hardly be less inspiring if they were selected on that basis.)

  2. mbk says:

    Dodd’s campaign focus on the importance of the rule of law is most welcome, and most appropriate, as it’s the LACK of respect for the rule of law that’s the central crime of this wretched administration. I’ve really really appreciated his focus on this vital issue.
    Dodd made some fine statements on this topic this week, as he talked about his new book, Letters (from his father to his mother) from Nuremberg on various news programs.
    He’s also gotten deserved praise for his carbon-cap proposal, as part of his platform.

    Biden is also smart and knowledgeable. . if only his mouth and his ego could be kept better under control. .

  3. Stuart, I fear it’s too little, too late.

    I wrote here back in June that the presidency is for sale. In simple financial terms, Biden and Dodd don’t have much of a chance.

    Less so, when you consider that you’re talking about two Northeastern “liberal” senators.

    Edwards has been scrappy, and I’ve teetered on the edge of supporting him, but I am going with another candidate (not appropriate to name here).

    Look: the Hillary machine rolls on; the Obama machine rolls on, and nobody seems to understand what GW Bush’s backers did back in 2000: the frontloading of the primaries means that whoever has the most cash wins.

    They’re reduced to media stunts like Edwards’ (brilliant) buy. Ka-ching! go the cash registers.

    Biden and Dodd are in the position of having to innovate, to make spectacular use of limited resources, but, alas, just look at McCain in 2000. Had he enough cash, he’d have wiped the floor with Bush. But, as it was, he couldn’t afford to compete in Super Tuesday and then it was over for him.

    Ahh, you say. But the PEOPLE can respond to a different message. Well, fat chance. Just read this month’s VANITY FAIR article on the abject favoritism shown by the MSM towards Bush, and the trashing of Al Gore, and you can only shake your head, because it’s worse.

    The only way to get your message out (other than that low-rated game show “Who Wants To be President?” that they keep running in increasingly surreal situations, like “Survivor”) is to BUY the ad time.

    Look at Mitt in the Iowa straw poll. He HAD to buy the stupid thing, so he’d get the media exposure. And, $2 million later, he did. To no effect.

    Biden is a good guy, but he’ll never be president. His own inner demons (and impolitic tongue) preclude that. Dodd is a plugger, but as in the comic.

    Increasingly it looks like either Hillary or Obama, unless one makes a major mistake. And Edwards is a dark horse, except that he lost a LOT more support for EE’s trashing of MoveOn last week than people realize.

    The presidency is for sale, and the bankers have already picked the candidates they want to back. Short of a miracle, I’m afraid that Biden and Dodd are right up there with Mike Gravel in long shot land.