While You Were Being Gamed …

While you were being gamed on Nuclear Power and how safe we can make things for Chinese coal miners, there were massive protests in Washington D.C. But the coverage was, to be charitable, ANEMIC.

If a protest takes place in D.C. and the cameras and microphones are turned off, does it make a sound?

From Memeorandum (realtime: right under OJ getting arrested):

Matthew Barakat / Associated Press:

Thousands march in D.C. war protest — WASHINGTON – Several thousand anti-war demonstrators marched through downtown Washington on Saturday, clashing with police at the foot of the Capitol steps where more than 190 protesters were arrested. — The group marched from the White House to the Capitol to demand an end to the Iraq war.

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Antiwar Protest Held in Washington


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Mostly commentary from rightie bloggers belittling and smearing those who stand against this criminal war that, today, the LA TIMES summarized as:

Americans are more bitterly divided than ever, politically and morally stalemated over our responsibility for creating and for resolving what can now only be called a quagmire. For chief among the president’s ever-shifting justifications for staying in Iraq is that it is far too dangerous to leave.

The ever-brave, ever perspicacious Libby Spencer at NewsHoggers notes the lack of coverage, and even, after a long search, the lack of any photos giving the impact or scope of what were LARGE crowds. Here’s the best she could find.

To truly appreciate how we’re being insulated from a war that’s killed over 1 million Iraqis (we were just after the one, remember? And MAYBE his sons? And we’ve already killed them), Google: Iraq war — and then click image search. Or just click here.

WARNING: You may be nearly as disgusted by what you see as you will be when you stop to reflect that this is all being INTENTIONALLY kept from you, so that you won’t get, like, ANGRY — the way that anti-abortion forces want you to feel when they show you gory fetus pictures. Ewwww! Wouldn’t want an ICKY war!

Interesting double standard. (Well, OK, not really.)

Just another day at the office for the Ministry of Truth.


UPDATE, 6:30 AM PDT 17 Sept. (Monday): I feel the need to issue a sort of correction. Sort of because if you go to Google news and type in “protest” US protests are on the second or third page. Correction because when you DO get there, there are 993 stories listed. (Although only 58 are listed if you click the link).

So, there was coverage, and I was wrong. And the coverage was weirdly deep sixed, behind protests in Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Namibia, Burma, Phillipines, South Africa and Bulgaria.

You heard me right: Bulgaria.

So I was kind of right, too.

But, either way, you deserved this correction, and this is it.


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