The Case For An Open Democratic Convention

[This entire post, a think piece really, was published at my new blog ‘The Gonzo Report. Rather than use up The Dem Daily’s bandwidth I’m going to start the post here and flip to The Gonzo Report. And, yes, I am trying to get people to look and comment on the new blog. I need feedback.]

The Case For An Open Dem Convention

In a comment to John Hlinko, the man most responsible for the Draft Clark movement, in the huge thread at DailyKos about the Wes Clark endorsement of Senator Clinton, I offered the possibility, if not probability, of an Open Democratic Convention.

With the idiocy of our front loaded primary system in the 2008 cycle I believe there is a possibility of a split set of primaries and no clear, convincing winner.

Hlinko in his reply to my request for his very professional opinion said the following, in part:

<>I admit, while I normally think the idea of a brokered [Here John uses the term Brokered Convention as a replacement for my Open Convention term] convention is a near impossibility, I could see it happening here due to the compressed primary schedule.

Flip to the long story at The Gonzo Report.

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10 Responses to The Case For An Open Democratic Convention

  1. DAS San Diego says:

    Totally off topic of you post here but I’m was wondering if you all have been hearing the spreading story about the FL student getting tasered at a Kerry speaking event. Instead of going into details here…just look at some of the blogs such as Huffington Post and Democratic Underground. Some of the headlines are misleading and seem to suggest that Kerry ok’d the action. The student asked him why he did not contest the 2004 election, why he did not push for impeachment of Bush and if he is in the secret society with Bush – Skull & Bones..
    Articles say he was supposed to ask one question and became upset when he was told to end his questions.

    I actually saw it first on CNN Situation and also on MSNBC Tucker.

    Some of the responses on left blogs are saying Kerry did not do enough to stop the way the cops handled the situation. There are video clips showing the event and some argue when the student got out of control and moved toward the stage there was reason for required restraint. However, the cops may have gone overboard. Who knows? Kerry did attempt to answer the student’s questions eventhough the student asked them in a derogatory manner. Also, Kerry even told the officers he was willing to respond and that everything was okay.

    Well the cops continued and as you will see…things got out of hand.

    In looking at the video, it does seem that he was grabbed too swiftly but some say that what happens prior to the clip gives a better idea of the full context?

    Boy does Kerry have some ups & downs. Dynamic Sunday to a Misinterpreted Monday. Much of his downs get blown out of proportion by the media.

  2. DAS

    I briefly looked at the YouTube video and have read throgh some of the stuff on DU, but not the HuffPo. Soem have suggested the guy was a”plant” sent in to disrupt the event. I would put it past the wingnuts. I thought about posting but I think I will hold off.

  3. Stuart

    Sorry for hijacking your thread. The new blog looks great. Will try to read this all in the morning – as you know I have a lot on my plate this week.

  4. DAS San Diego says:


    The “plant” definitely sounds like a possibility. They definitely know some of the infighting of our party and can use some of the common complaints that are used against the Dems (by Dems) to make news.

    It all seemed too staged for the type of low-key event being held. With Kerry making a difference at this time, he must be aware there will always be haters.

  5. DAS San Diego says:


    I apologize as well. I’m still not savvy on blog protocol.

  6. ironxl84 says:

    My 2 cents,

    I just watched the video inclusive of the “questions” posed by the student.

    The “questions” were actually delivered in a rude and obnoxious manner, so as to be hurling invective – rather than seeking a truthful response (O’Reilly style if you will) and even included a reference to oral sex at one point.

    Absolutely inappropriate behavior which prompted the security officers to approach him.

    Then, he starts grandstanding, playing that he is being “hassled” unfairly.

    The guy was a jerk and got what he deserved IMO.


  7. Stuart (and apologies to all for posting something ON topic):

    Contentwise, it’s fine. Grahically a bit bland, but that’s your prerogative.

    But I think you have a big problem. You’ve ripped off Hunter S. Thompson, without attribution, neither the quote, nor the “Gonzo Report.” Thompson has a large and vocal fan base, and I think you might want to rethink this.

    “Gonzo” has two implications, neither of which match what you’re up to: First, the “new journalism” as practiced BY the Late Doctor HST. Secondly, a genre of “realtime” pornography where the cameraman is also the performer.

    Since your style is nowhere near EITHER definition, again, you’ve created a communications problem. If you’re going to “frame” your blog as some kind of parallel/homage to HST, then you need to:

    A) have content at least in the “spirit” of HST, and

    B) ATTRIBUTE the quote.

    My favorite, BTW, is slightly different:

    “I hate to advocate weird chemicals, alcohol, violence or insanity to anyone, but they’ve always worked for me.” – Dr. Hunter S. Thompson 1937-2005

  8. Darrell Prows says:

    If I tried to say anything about a web site, my opinion, rightfully, would be discounted.

    I’d love to have a sense of how things will be in Feb. 08, but it seems like some of the excitement is wearing off, and that could definitely affect outcomes. The war will still be an issue. The economy is headed for a lengthy period of poor performance. This will help the Democrats, but not necessarily in picking a candidate.

    I honestly think that we would be just as well off to draw straws and assign positions from the big straw on down to something like Commerce Secretary.

    (Alan Keyes announced, so things are finally alright in the Republican universe.)

  9. Stuart ONeill says:


    I actually don’t disagree. This is a work in progress and I forgot to attribute the quote. As to whether I am qualified to take the leap into that genre….I’m qualified but it may not be where I want to go.

    After designing this blog, it turned out much different than I intended content-wise. I like the concept of having a central source that tries to pull together the latest in RSS feeds on many political topics.

    Plus, of course I like having my own content. And to new media, this will likely evolve into a videocast blog, (dislike both podcasts and vblog terms), in time.

    So the Title will likely change. The graphic elements simply don’t exist at the moment as they haven’t been created and I doubt I would ever stay on Blogspot. I have my own servers and my use a different blog program entirely.

    PS: I was reading The Good Doctor HST in the original first editions as they were published. I’m well aware of his legacy and would never intentionally disregard that realtiy.

    As too the thread being hijacked…who cares? It was a worthy discussion.

  10. Stuart:

    The criticism wasn’t meant harshly. It’s clear that you’re an HST fan, from context. I was merely pointing out that the “meta” message was mildly at odds with the content, which is a problem in trying to get one’s message out.

    You asked for feedback.

    As for the response to my wry note that I was actually posting on-topic:

    It was a JOKE. You don’t have to make explanations for jokes. 🙂