WaPost: Bush Meets With Rightie Bloggers

Sunday’s Washington Post reveals that Bush met with prominent military and pro-war bloggers the other day.

Official White House Photo
Official White House Photo

Gee, if you’ve been reading The Democratic Daily, you’d know that we reported it Friday afternoon.

Well, better late than never, I suppose:

President Reaches Out to a Friendly Circle in New Media
By Michael Abramowitz
Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, September 16, 2007; Page A07

The day after his prime-time speech on Iraq, President Bush sat down for a round-table interview not with traditional White House reporters but with bloggers who focus on military issues, including two participating by video link from Baghdad.

Judging from some of the accounts of the Friday meeting, the president offered up little news. Here is what one of the 10 bloggers, Ward Carroll of Military.com, described from his notes as some of Bush’s most notable comments:

  • “This strategy is my strategy.”
  • “I’m defining a horizon of peace.”
  • “I don’t mind people attacking me. . . . That’s politics . . . but I do mind people impugning the integrity of our generals.”

Still, the hour-long meeting in the Roosevelt Room offered Bush another opportunity to break through what he sees as the filter of the traditional news media …

The article goes on to say:

“More and more we are engaging in the new-media world, and these are influential people who have a big following,” said Kevin F. Sullivan, the White House communications chief.

Bush told the group that, to his knowledge, it was the first time a president had met with bloggers for a chat at the White House, one of the participants wrote. The blogs represented at the meeting are generally pro-Bush and pro-military, and the ensuing reports were highly sympathetic to the president … Matthew Burden, a former Army officer who blogs under the name Blackfive, raved about how Bush slapped his hand and called him “brutha.”

Seeing as how “Blackfive” was instrumental in BOTH the Beauchamp Affair AND the recent New York Times/Moveon “ad rates” flap (conspicuously dropped this weekend), I stand by my suggestion that both incidents may well be directly connected to White House dirty tricks. (See Friday’s post, “How Green Was My Talking Point” — scroll down to the bottom for my coverage of this story.)

Glad to see the Washington Post is keeping up (more or less).

The literal “Rosetta Stone” to this ‘summitrification’ can be found at “The Mudville Gazette” with links to the bloggers in question blogging about, naturally their meeting that the Washington Post reports.

The amount of cross-pollination going on here (scroll to bottom of link for big surprise) is enough to make your head spin. As this photograph from a prominent rightie hate t-shirt site, er … suggests.

BlackFive t-shirt

one blogger selling another


I think that’s the point.


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