Magna Carta? Schmagma Carta!

In 1215, King John was forced to sign the Magna Carta, the ‘great charter’ from whence, arguably, our modern sense of criminal justice, of common law, and a big chunk of our Constitution derive.

Habeas Corpus was a central portion of that document: limiting the King’s ability to simply arrest and hold his enemies indefinitely and without explanation. The Republican Congress decided a couple of years ago that King George was needlessly hamstrung by this quaint concept, and today, as the NEW Senate attempt to restore Habeas Corpus, the following 43 traitors voted against cloture, in what we might call Fascism’s Last Stand.

Here, for posterity, is the honor roll of stooges, sycophants and just plain evil bastards in the Senate, just in case you might want to know who they are, for whatever reason. (Hat Tip to the remarkable Christy Hardin Smith at Firedoglake) A “nay” vote is the vote to preserve the filibuster, and, therefore, kill the restoration of Habeas Corpus — although it should be comical to hear their “spin’ on this. (I predict that not ONE of these craven quislings will admit to what they have done, and will come up with highly amusing fantasy explanations as to what they were doing.)

Alexander, Lamar- (R – TN) — NAY
Allard, Wayne- (R – CO) — NAY
Barrasso, John- (R – WY) — NAY
Bennett, Robert F.- (R – UT) — NAY
Bond, Christopher S.- (R – MO) — NAY
Brownback, Sam- (R – KS) — NAY
Bunning, Jim- (R – KY) — NAY
Burr, Richard- (R – NC) — NAY
Chambliss, Saxby- (R – GA) – NOT VOTING
Coburn, Tom- (R – OK) — NAY
Cochran, Thad- (R – MS) — NAY
Coleman, Norm- (R – MN) — NAY
Collins, Susan M.- (R – ME) — NAY
Corker, Bob- (R – TN) — NAY
Cornyn, John- (R – TX) — NAY
Craig, Larry E.- (R – ID) — NAY
Crapo, Mike- (R – ID) — NAY
DeMint, Jim- (R – SC) — NAY
Dole, Elizabeth- (R – NC) — NAY
Domenici, Pete V.- (R – NM) — NAY
Ensign, John- (R – NV) — NAY
Enzi, Michael B.- (R – WY) — NAY
Graham, Lindsey- (R – SC) — NAY
Grassley, Chuck- (R – IA) — NAY
Gregg, Judd- (R – NH) — NAY
Hatch, Orrin G.- (R – UT) — NAY
Hutchison, Kay Bailey- (R – TX) — NAY
Inhofe, James M.- (R – OK) — NAY
Isakson, Johnny- (R – GA) — NAY
Kyl, Jon- (R – AZ) — NAY
Lieberman, Joseph I.- (I – CT) — NAY
Lott, Trent- (R – MS) — NAY
Martinez, Mel- (R – FL) — NAY
McCain, John- (R – AZ) — NAY
McConnell, Mitch- (R – KY) — NAY
Murkowski, Lisa- (R – AK) — NAY
Roberts, Pat- (R – KS) — NAY
Sessions, Jeff- (R – AL) — NAY
Shelby, Richard C.- (R – AL) — NAY
Stevens, Ted- (R – AK) — NAY
Thune, John- (R – SD) — NAY
Vitter, David- (R – LA) — NAY
Voinovich, George V.- (R – OH) — NAY
Warner, John- (R – VA) — NAY

The complete “official” roll call can be found here, broken down three different ways.

Note that each and every “NAY” vote was cast by a Republican — or in the case of “Holy Joe” Lieberman, a crypto-Republican.

Details at the Washington Post story: Senate Rejects Expanding Detainee Rights, which is an Orwellian headline if ever there was one. Restoring habeas isn’t “expanding” the rights of “detainees,” as much as it’s returning our goddam Constitution to US.

But the GOP spin machine seems to have the once respectable Washington Post by the short hairs in recent years. All hail Caesar!

In a related story, (since it involves almost the exact same subset of Nazi-wannabes) Senator Jim Webb’s (D, VA) amendment to allow troops equal time at home between deployments seems to have been murdered in its sleep overnight, with John Warner (R, VA) and John McCain (Asshole, AZ) proposing a non-binding golem version in its place:

According to a source close to Webb, Warner didn’t even inform his fellow Senator that he was planning to do this. Webb was totally surprised when he heard the announcement, the source tells us.

Just a few minutes ago, Senator McCain, who’s overseeing today’s activities as the senior Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee, announced on the floor that Warner would be introducing a “sense of Congress” amendment on troop readiness. A “sense of Congress” amendment is nonbinding — it’s not a law, it’s an expression of Congress’ opinion.


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2 Responses to Magna Carta? Schmagma Carta!

  1. Darrell Prows says:

    “in what we might call Fascism’s Last Stand” It’s refreshing to be in the company of an optimist. It would be wonderful if more could find your source of courage.

  2. Darrell Prows says:

    “in what we might call Fascism’s Last Stand” It’s refreshing to be in the company of an optimist. It would be wonderful if more could find your source of courage.