Columbia: For Shame

I must admit I’m disappointed in Columbia University’s invitation to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to speak before its august faculty and student body. No, it’s not an “affront to civilization” as Newt Goofball put it, but it is a rather sad statement about what passes for serious discourse in this country.

Columbia President Lee Bollinger, in announcing Ahmadinejad’s upcoming appearance, described the event as part of “Columbia’s long-standing tradition of serving as a major forum for robust debate.” He said the Iranian president had agreed to answer questions on Israel and the Holocaust.”

Right, which is silly since anyone who has been following Ahmadouchebag knows that he patently refuses to answer direct questions, dancing around, smiling like the simpleton that he is, returning the question with a question, and then laughing some more. For previous examples, see 60 Minutes from last night and watch his performance. I suppose Columbia thinks it can ask questions better than a trained journalist, but this too makes you realize the folly of Columbia’s pursuit.

I don’t see this as a “1st amendment issue” as Columbia’s spokespeople keep framing their responses to the criticism. Columbia can invite whomever it wants to discuss whatever they want, and no one is saying they “can’t” do this. But perhaps they shouldn’t, is the point.

Perhaps giving a stage and forum to Bozo The Clown to expound on things like Holocaust denial, obliterating the Israelis, and how much he thinks George Bush is a “nice man,” is something one of the world’s most prestigious universities should know better than to do. There is no “robust debate” to be had in dialog with a fool and a jester.

Ahmadinjedad has shown himself time and again to be nothing than a stooge and a puppet of the Iranian ayatollahs. The notion that anything “useful” can come from this simply ridiculous.

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One Response to Columbia: For Shame

  1. Darrell Prows says:

    I wish it was an Ahmadinejad/GWB panel. Seems like that might be educational.

    What I got out of that “interview” last night was that he felt it was beneath him to be spoken to like that by his inferior, he being the leader of a major nation. Maybe he thought that there was supposed to be a difference between an interview and an interrogation.