Predictable Rudy’s Excuse

Yesterday, I wrote the following:

MoveOn Moves On, Challenges Rudy To Do His Duty

MoveOn has just released the following press release on PRnewswire, which reads, in part:

Now that the Times has revealed this mistake for the first time, and while we believe that the $142,083 figure is above the market rate paid by most organizations, out of an abundance of caution we have decided to pay that rate for this ad. We will therefore wire the $77,083 difference to the Times tomorrow (Monday, September 24, 2007).

We call on Mayor Giuliani, who received exactly the same ad deal for the same price, to pay the corrected fee also.

Naturally, one suspects, Mr. Giuliani will have a most creative explanation as to why he cannot pay the fee. Patterns are patterns, after all.

Well, at the risk of saying “I told you so!” I, er, um, told you so.

Here’s testimony from an anti-MoveOn, pro-Rudy source, a nasty piece of work called “The Monkey Tennis Centre” (sic). You’ll note that they choose the British spelling, rather than the All American spelling “center,” which instantly suggests that the tennis-playing monkeys are furriners, and not home-grown naked (tennis-playing) killer monkeys. Here’s the canard:

So if Giuliani got the same deal as MoveOn, then he should now have to pay the higher rate as well, right? MoveOn’s Eli Pariser certainly thinks so. In a statement that stands as a masterpiece of self-indulgence and equivocation, Pariser blames the whole debacle on the Times, grudgingly agrees to stump up the extra $77,083 (which is hardly going to leave much of a hole in the organisation’s Soros-lined pockets) and calls on Giuliani to pay the higher fee, because he ‘received exactly the same ad deal for the same price’.

However this doesn’t in fact appear to be the case. According to Giuliani, his people were given the ‘standby’ rate because the Times was unable to guarantee that the ad would run on Friday 14th. Speaking on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show on the Thursday, Giuliani said: “We submitted the ad, and they wouldn’t tell us whether they were going to put it in tomorrow.”

In the event Giuliani’s ad did appear on the Friday. However, while we’re not privy to the exact nature of the agreement between Giuliani’s people and the Times, if placement on that day wasn’t guaranteed – as it obviously was with MoveOn – then there’s no reason why Giuliani should have to pay any more than the standby rate.

Well, I wasn’t whistling ‘Dixie,” kids.

Besides, who needs fiction writers when reality is as kinky as this? Still, I am reminded of a story that I heard in my misspent youth:

Once upon a time, the Mullah Nasrudin (a Sufi figure, an evil Muslim jihadist, no doubt, and, had there been an America at the time, probably an America-hater) was acting as a lawyer.

His neighbor came over to him, saying, “Neighbor, please tell me what to do. It seems that the fence between our properties was knocked down by your bull, who got through to my pasture and gored one of my cows. Am I entitled to compensation?”

Nasrudin thought a moment. “No,” said Nasrudin. “The bull was acting out his essential nature. There is nothing that can be done about that, so, no, there is no compensation involved.”

“Thank you, wise lawyer,” the wily neighbor said. “Only I got the situation slightly reversed. It was MY bull that knocked down the fence and gored YOUR cow. But the principle is the same.”

“Wait a minute!” said the pre-America-hating, evil Muslim jihadist lawyer Nasrudin. “I’m not sure that’s true.” He reached for his law books. “There may be a precedent for this that I hadn’t considered.”

And that’s your Defeatocrat, America-hating Islamofascist jihadi teaching story for the day.


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