Edwards: Rural America and Economic Fairness

Courtesy of a Hat Tip from Prezvid here’s a fine video of John Edwards addressing a crowd in Conord, NH that was posted at PrezVid on September 28. As Peter Hauck of PrezVid said in his post:

After Ralph Stanley II and the Bluegrass Brothers finish up “Man of
Constant Sorrrow,” a blue-jeaned John Edwards talks about “economic
fairness” at a town meeting in Conway, NH.

Sound Bite: “We should have a national capital fund
to make money — capital — available to new businesses that will operate
and start in smaller towns and smaller communities. Right now all the
capital stays in big cities. We’ve got to get it out into the rural

I believe this is worth watching because it addresses one of the biggest disparities we face today: Rural America and Economic Fairness. It also shows Edwards, in my opinion…having no dog in the fight yet…as a man with a mission. It is the same mission he has talked about for over 4 years: Economic Fairness/The Two America’s. Even if you have a negative opinion of John Edwards, I ask you to watch this video. When he’s addressing a crowd, in an informal situation, I believe him to have a powerful presence.

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