Enhanced Interrogation Methods? No, The Word Is “Torture”

I am sick to death of all the pussyfooting around the subject that has occupied the media for the duration of this premeditated, illegal war of terror that we the people of the United States have allowed to be waged against the people of Iraq, in our name, for the last several years.

No matter how much lipstick and rouge we smear on the face of this war no matter how we attempt to  dress up the evil and bestial acts that have been performed in its unholy name, it still has the hideous countenance of an evil swine from hell.

It is an illegal war, begun and conducted under false pretenses, by a group of criminal liars and thieves in the United States Government, abetted by a cowardly congress who abrogated their constitutional duties in exchange for hundreds of millions of dollars in campaign funds and furthered by a complaisant press that ignored their obligation to remain independent from government, from their sponsors and report the facts. 

The members of the completely rogue executive department acted in their own self interest in a quest for personal power and wealth, in concert with the usual domestic and international corporate pirates who, in the depths of their insatiable greed, continually amplify human conflict to their own ends and bring poverty, war, suffering and death down upon the world.

There is no such animal as extraordinary rendition, nor do I know of the existence of any beasts called enhanced interrogation methods.

The first is kidnapping, it is illegal, a felony and the second word is torture, its meaning is clear:

  1. Infliction of severe physical pain as a means of punishment or coercion.
  2. An instrument or a method for inflicting such pain.
  2. Excruciating physical or mental pain; agony: the torture of waiting in suspense.
  3. Something causing severe pain or anguish.

Torture is illegal in this country, a felonious act, it is illegal in the world at large, according to several conventions that we are legally bound by. Anyone committing torture, causing it to be committed, directing its commission, or training others in its techniques is guilty, guilty of war crimes, of crimes against humanity and crimes against “Nature’s God.

The people who lied us into this war are not statesmen, nor are they patriots acting out of a misguided love of country, as I have heard in some quarters. They are murderers, murderers, modern day Nazis or Fascists if you prefer, cold dispassionate sociopaths, heinous criminals, without conscience, without mercy, without humanity.

I read in the press and heard in the media yesterday and this morning of the “murky legal territory” in which the “private contractors” operate in Iraq and the murky area of law in which our dedicated public servants must operate as they determine just how far they can go in the extreme physical abuse of human beings before they stray in to a “gray area.”

Bullshit, I think that when a lying pig of a lawyer like David Addington describes a “murky legal area” it means that he thinks he can get away with it. The legal situation in Iraq was intentionally  designed to protect the mercenary scum that we send there to perform high priced serial murders as they fulfill bloated contracts to protect our criminal leadership, thieving diplomats and cowardly congressmen.

I believe that the actions of following people must be investigated and, if warranted by the evidence, tried in criminal courts, and if convicted, face the full consequences of both US and International law:

George W Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, William Kristol, Douglas Feith, Richard Perle, Eliot Abrams, Scooter Libby, John Hannah, David Wurmser, Andrew Natsios, Dan Bartlett, Mitch Daniels, George Tenet, Colin Powell, Condoleeza Rice, David Addington

There are more, in every corner of the executive, the congress, among the highest levels of the military as well as the intelligence community, various think tanks, news organizations, public and private corporations and other NGOs.
This is a cancer that must be quickly, loudly and publicly removed from the heart of America.


Bob Higgins
Worldwide Sawdust

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Lifelong liberal of the Tom Paine wing. Marine Vietnam vet. Have worked as a photographer, cab driver, bartender, carpenter and cabinetmaker. Now retired on a Veterans Disability program I spend my time writing and editing and complaining. Ahh the Golden Years.
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5 Responses to Enhanced Interrogation Methods? No, The Word Is “Torture”

  1. elmercreek says:


    Well put!

    I’m disgusted and ashamed of what my country has become. Ashamed of these so called American Patriots who sit by idly while this administration and members of both houses, democrats and republicans alike, destroy what this country has stood for for so many years. People who stick their head in the sand and say, we’re Americans, we don’t do things like this. Wake up, the whole world knows what we are and it ain’t pretty. Can you say Soviet gulag!

    We’ll pay for this for generations and believe me, the Muslim world won’t be as forgiving as the Vietnamese!

  2. Darrell Prows says:

    Someone needing a legal opinion to understand torture is not going to be persuaded by one that reaches the “wring” conclusion.

    Anyone who really doesn’t want to engage in torture really doesn’t need a lawyer to tell them the right thing to do.

    This sort of attempt to create “plausible deniability” is simply disgusting.

  3. Max Headroom says:

    Come on….. I am so tired of being kicked in the teeth. Lets get some balls and show these guys we mean business. You mess with us we come back on you ten fold. That will put an end to the stone age terroristic tactics.

  4. elmercreek says:


    Lets see, how does that go? If you don’t like us illegally invading, occupying and destroying your country, we’ll give you ten times what we’ve already given you. Humm, we’ve already destroyed your once vibrant country with the middle east’s best hospitals and Universities (do you have health care Max?) We’ve unleashed and promoted the beast of sectarian violence. We’ve destroyed your country. (Do you feel safer Max?) We’ve killed over a million people. Created several million refugees.

    Stone age terrorism? Who’s the terrorist? Hell, we’ve bombed them back into the Stone Age. And who have we done this with Max? Is your kid over there? I some how doubt it. Only the poor and underprivileged are there. Those with the cruel false dreams of bettering themselves. You know I spent some time in a major airport the other day and I was incensed sitting there watching the young soldiers on leave. They’re all puppies, kids, doing your dirty work while you sit there and tell them to give them ten times what they did to us. Hum, what they did to us? What they did to us was tell us to get the hell out of THEIR country! (or are you still under the illusion that Iraq had something to do with 911)

    Torture! The last time I looked, the people we were torturing were Iraqis. And no matter what this administration says, torture does not produce reliable information. Just picture yourself Max, they’re water boarding you, got your testicles hooked up to the electrodes, hitting you with God knows what, left you in and 8 X 8 cubicle for the last 18 months in solitaire. I bet you’d tell them anything they wanted to hear Max! And how did they catch you Max? A $1000 reward for turning in a bad guy and you just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Too bad, so sad! No lawyer, no trial.

    But you’ve got one thing right Max, the ten times. Unfortunately we’re doing ten times the damage to America and our constitution that we are doing to the Iraqis. This empire is destroying itself.

    Let’s buy our gas from those war profiteers. Give them our son’s for their “wars for profits!” Be proud of the medals and flag draped coffins. And most of all, never question those in power. And to hell with our kids future! We’re Americans, we must be right!

  5. elmercreek says:

    Ranger at http://www.rangeragainstwar.blogspot.com/ has some good insights into this issue for anyone out there who’s interested in hearing what former and current military people think about this.