Larry Craig’s Bright Future as a GOP Blogger

Well, first he said that he’d resign, effective September 30. Then, he said he’d resign, CONDITIONAL on what the judge said about withdrawing his guilty plea. (And that he was completely innocent.)

THEN, he said, that while September 30 had passed, he’d wait for the judge’s ruling.

The judge did not allow him to withdraw his guilty plea.

And so, Idaho Senator Larry Craig’s long bout of bizarre, lying behavior continued today, as he confronted the judicial ruling in what we’ve come to think of as the inimitable Larry Craig manner:

Official News Release:

Craig Reaction to Court Ruling
WASHINGTON, D.C. – Idaho Senator Larry Craig issued the following statement in reaction to today’s ruling by the State of Minnesota District Court Fourth Judicial District allowing the guilty plea to stand:

“I am extremely disappointed with the ruling issued today. I am innocent of the charges against me. I continue to work with my legal team to explore my additional legal options.

“I will continue to serve Idaho in the United States Senate, and there are several reasons for that. As I continued to work for Idaho over the past three weeks here in the Senate, I have seen that it is possible for me to work here effectively.

“Over the course of my three terms in the Senate and five terms in the House, I have accumulated seniority and important committee assignments that are valuable to Idaho, not the least of which are my seats on the Appropriations Committee, the Energy and Natural Resources Committee and the Veterans’ Affairs Committee. A replacement would be highly unlikely to obtain these posts.

“In addition, I will continue my effort to clear my name in the Senate Ethics Committee – something that is not possible if I am not serving in the Senate.

“When my term has expired, I will retire and not seek reelection. I hope this provides the certainty Idaho needs and deserves.”

More coverage HERE, href=””>HERE, HERE and HERE.

Yes. We are certain that Larry Craig and the truth are estranged to the point of non-communication.

Which means that he has a bright future as a rightie blogger. Only question: will he go for the “officially brown-nosing mouthpiece for Bush and Clarence Thomas” route, and emulate Ed Morrissey of Captains Quarters? Or, will he opt for the “I’m just a White House correspondent” route of Jeff Gannon/Guckert?

So much time! So many choices!



Psychic Update 12:21 AM PDT, October 5

Even Michelle Malkin is begging: “Larry E. Craig, will you please go NOW? …” Larry’s not going to be winning any popularity contests anywhere for a long while, one imagines.

A prediction: Craig will reconsider his decision and resign over the weekend (or for the Friday night news dump). There are too many prominent GOP power brokers in D.C. and in Idaho who will consider the continued presence of Larry Craig to be a festering wound to the already bleak GOP prospects for November 2008. Craig remaining gives the Idaho Democratic nominee a real shot, if the Republican nominee has to spend the entire electoral cycle navigating ‘twixt the Scylla of defending Larry and the Charybdis of distancing from — and evincing disgust with — Larry, that naughty, nasty boy.

Look for the Club for Growth to repeat their primary performance for Bill Sali in 2006, and flood one GOP primary candidate’s coffers with an endless stream of four figure checks from exotic locales like Florida, New Jersey, Delaware and Ohio.

This has been your psychic reporter, at the crystal ball. Back to you, Katie. (Oh wait. This isn’t CBS Evening News, is it?)

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2 Responses to Larry Craig’s Bright Future as a GOP Blogger

  1. alrudder says:

    The GOP leadership realizes every time “Larry Craig” is uttered, it flummoxes their “family values” brand. That catchphrase is just rhetoric for a small faction of the electorate. As John Kerry says the key is to “Value Families”. Hello, SCHIP

  2. Darrell Prows says:

    If 2008 is a meltdown year for the GOP, then Craig becomes far less consequential. He might be able to slip under the radar shortly, and stay there until he finally does slink out of office. Things are so bad for the right that even failing to bring an Ethics case against him might not hurt them much.