Racism and the Jena 6

Regular readers will recall my posting last month, “CNN, the KKK and the Jena 6” which drew THIS long response in the wee hours last night. Normally, I’d just shine it on, but it really illuminates what I’ve been talking about for a long time: that racism in America, while increasingly hidden, remains deeply masked, deeply felt, and deeply entrenched. Here, on The Democratic Daily, this appeared:

Comment from: DR. FESTLER MN

I find it interesting that you mention the nooses were painted in school colors and were apparantly (sic) intended on “supporting” a football theme of “Hang the Here, Cowboys” – a rival town’s team coming in for a visiting game.


And apparantly (sic) no protests until early September when two black on white racial fights led a black religious-community activist group to claim it was “those nooses”. Which led to a full police and FBI “hate crime” investigation which found there was none.

[Anne] Althouse is right. The reporting, like in the Duke case, has been very poor.

And expanding, it is the media again trying to force a story into it’s patented “racial suffering of blacks and their justified outrage” metanarrative . Again willfully ignoring the facts of the case available to any reporter they dared send with an open mind to interview people. Which none of them did, as with the Duke case.

The media and black leaders tried to argue its still the 1920s in the Deep South, whites are terrorizing “innocent blacks”, and lynchings haunt the landscape.

In fact, in most American’s (sic) lifetimes, it is not blacks who are the hunted. They are the hunters. In the “Color of Crime”, a statistical study – A white is 12 times more likely to be murdered by a black than the reverse. A black victimized by an armed non-black robber is 38 times less likely than a white, hispanic (sic), or Asian being held up at gunpoint by a black thug. A white woman who is raped now has a 50-50 chance her attacker was black. Black women have a one in 130 chance their rapist will be a non-black.

But media, the old black leadership, and guilty white liberals prefer instead to pretend that the present reality is one where innocent blacks cower in fear of school lynchings and KKK riding and guns, not the people misusing them, are the problem. Or, desperately feel compelled to prove they are not evil racist whites as they are indoctrinated by seeking in any crime to establish a “moral equivalency” when black thugs are involved. Sure he is a black thug with multiple rapes and assaults and robberies, but he is no worse than the white racist society that forces him to act like that….

School officials are notorious about not publicizing their criminal stats, student on teacher threats or violence, classroom disruptions – but sociologists and educators in conferences and in papers admit that “agressive (sic) young black males” are the most daunting problem they face in “diverse schools”.

But with the Jena 6, we have the press, black activists, and guilty whites desperately trying to tie the nooses and “life sentences the noose makers should have gotten” to a racial attack 3 months later that judge, jury, FBI, US Attorney, police investigators determined was not in the thoughts of the 6 black athlete attackers at all.

Another curious bit is a few white Lefties and females in the media who have never been in a fight or know how to fight claiming the stomping was of little consequence because the “attackers were wearing soft white tennis shoes” and “it’s not like the victim was really hurt”. (The victim was told to stay in the hospital overnight, he had a special ceremony he wanted to go to against doctors advice. His family, lacking health insurance, had 12,000 in bills from the neurological care, emergency care, and tests and were concerned about their ability to pay for a hospital bed)

The facts are that military combat instructors say that the “stomp” has 6-7 times more power than a full punch. In hand to hand training or reality, the killing or disabling blows focus in knocking a person down and delivering the final blow to the head, face, or throat. Preferable with a weapon, if none, then a foot, then an elbow, then a knee, and only if the other methods cant be used – a fist or open hand.

And those blows make little difference in the power applied if delivered barefoot, with “soft shoes”, or with hobnailed storm trooper boots. A person who is a lawyer commenting on this remembered his city obtained convictions of 5 blacks who stomped another dug dealer to death in part from sneaker marks on the victims head and face and blood tracks the sneaker soles made leading away

The 6 black athletes had at least 4 members with criminal records for violent crimes. One was convicted of a past arson. One, whose records are sealed, is purportedly convicted of sexual assault on a 12-year old girl when he was younger. But because they were “great athletes” that made for a winning football team, black and white boosters, the local courts, coaches – all tried to ensure they remained in school.

Remember it wasn’t just about the “lack of justice ” for the “innocent 6”, as black and white activists call them, the investigation as to who burned down half the high school continues…and two of the “Jena 6” are suspects. And investigations as to who was making death threats at the school and phoning the kid and the “3 noose hangers” with similar threats continue. And threats blacks made to other whites at school that if they showed up, they would die (reportedly invoving (sic) 2 of the 6 black athletes that a local minister said were allowed to conduct “a reign of terror” against schoolmates…

And one of the Jena 6 not in jail is suspect in 2 other violent assaults, and has convictions for 4 other significant crimes as a juvie.

Finally, the actions of the local DA make a lot more sense if it is true, as implied, that the only way to get a juvie on a violent rampage in the adult system better able to handle him was by overcharging the crime, then dropping charges in his racial attacks down to more sensible charges of aggravated battery, conspiracy to commit battery. The ringleader he wanted, Mychal Bell, was free at the time and school not notified by the juvenile system despite charges of two other violent assaults. And ability to more freely interrogate and prosecute the other 5 thugs in the adult system did offer the potential of ending the racial attacks and arson through intimidation. This was also only one week after one white kid could have been killed in a race-related gang stomping by strong athletes, an incident involving a struggle for a gun betwen (sic) a white kid and 2 of the Jena 6, and with half the high school burned and smoking……

I think once the details are fairly presented, the black leaders and local black activists will look like the bigoted assholes they were in the Lacrosse case. The media will again be exposed for pursuing their agenda and approved liberal narrative, not reporting on the facts. The town will be faulted for both enabling the black thugs to keep playing football as well as nailing them more harshly than whites because they had past extensive criminal history. The arson of the HS will continue to be investigated. Guilty white liberals and academics will again have their vapid “white oppressor” denunciations reposted and ridiculed – as with the Lacrosse case and dozens of others – when facts are better known.

The statement seems authoritative (or preposterous) on the face of it, but it’s filled with blatant giveaways like this, the sort of thing that’s heard among White Supremacists in private, but NEVER in public:

it is not blacks who are the hunted. They are the hunters.

And the study is cited, “The Color of Crime,” which turns out to be yet another racial “code” piece, wildly popular among White Supremacists, but not much noted in the mainstream media — which is cited to “prove” their “bias.” David Horowitz’s Front Page Magazine jumped on the White Supremacist bandwagon (August 30, 2001), as did Pat Buchanan just this August*.

[* Note: the first version was released in 1999, but a “revised” version was released in 2005, using new statistics to buttress the old fallacies. You can BUY a copy for $8.95, which rather ensures that only the target audience will ever see it. Jared Taylor uses lack of coverage of its release as a “proof” of media bias against his position — and explains the multiple editions.]

As does MensNewsDaily.com, publisher of Jeff Gannon/Guckert, the White House Press Corps’ own Gay Hooker, owned by the same folks that bring you Talon News, and GOPUSA:

Tuesday, October 04, 2005
The Color of Crime

By Nicholas Stix

The Color of Crime – not to be confused with a 1998 piece of propaganda of the same name by tenured University of Maryland professor of criminology, Katheryn K. Russell — is the most scientifically rigorous research on crime and race available. It’s the state of the art.

The mainstream media will surely be anxious to publicize and discuss The Color of Crime. After all, hasn’t the public been inundated since the late 1990s (and ultimately, since the 1960s) with dubious charges of racism (“racial profiling”) against law enforcement and the justice system? And don’t the MSM always tell us that they will report on anything newsworthy? After all, the New York Times claims to be “the newspaper of record.”

In a future column, we shall see just how the MSM has responded to The Color of Crime.

Lest you doubt Mr. Stix’s racist glee, consider this, from a contemporaneous article of his in the same forum (“The Great New Orleans Media Cover-Up“):

… the media was in lynch-mob mode, looking to make an example of any prominent figure that made the mistake of telling the truth about black savagery in New Orleans, or failing that, who said anything that any black or leftist could find “racially insensitive.”

In August of 2006, Stix notes:

American Renaissance (AR) has ably exploited the Internet, with a Web site that is read daily by tens of thousands of conservatives unhappy with the GOP. It is also read by conservative writers who would never admit to perusing it; yet, many of the articles they discuss or link to, clearly came from AR’s invaluable daily roundup.

And AR’s revised report, The Color of Crime, was the biggest event in American criminology last year. The MSM and academia both responded with the silence of the graveyard.

However, AR’s strength is also its weakness: It’s about race, period. It is also not, to my knowledge, lavishly funded.

The “biggest event inAmerican criminology last year” ?!?!?! (I would be curious to know what “criminologists” were agog at it. More likely, this is purest hyperbole.)

And again on MND by “Carey Roberts” on June 26, 2007:

What is out there are very high rates of black crime, much of it targeted at whites, with interracial rape being almost entirely black-on-white. The blacks of the slums hate whites. This isn’t my overactive imagination. Check The Color of Crime. The figures come from the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports, and the National Crime Victimization Survey.

If you have any doubts about the attitude of the media, ask your local TV channel to hold a live debate with Jared Taylor, who compiled the figures. If the media could show his numbers to be false, they would crucify him in a heartbeat. But he’s right and they know it. They are unlikely let him near a microphone.

This “study” has become a rallying point of racists and crypto-racists everywhere since it was released, first in 1999, and then in 2005. I refer the reader to the October 19, 2004 “The Color of Deception” By Tim Wise, which states, in part:

When it comes to fast-moving lies, few can top one that has been distributed by white supremacists for the past several years. It is probably the most popular piece of racist propaganda in existence today, and because it relies on official government data, it comes across as sober, intelligent social science, rather than as the compendium of nonsense it happens to be.

The screed to which I refer is “The Color of Crime: Race, Crime and Violence in America,” by white nationalist, Jared Taylor. Taylor is the publisher of the racist magazine, American Renaissance, and host of an annual conference, which attracts open neo-Nazis as well as a gaggle of academicians who proclaim black genetic inferiority.

Please see the piece for a solid, scholarly refutation of this pseudo-academic nonsense.

And take a look at his update, “Facts? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Facts!” and other collected essays by Tim Wise are at his webpage. Highly recommended for cutting through the current “coded” racist nonsense.

OK, let’s take a look at Jared Taylor according to the Anti Defamation League:

New Century Foundation (American Renaissance)
Jared Taylor

Founder: Samuel Jared Taylor
Founded: November 1990
Headquarters: Oakton, Virginia
Publication: American Renaissance
Ideology: Intellectualized, pseudoscientific white supremacy; avoids anti-Semitism
Description: Self-styled think tank that publishes a monthly journal and a Web site called American Renaissance. Also hosts biannual conferences. The Foundation promotes pseudoscientific and questionably researched and argued studies to validate the superiority of whites.
Connections: Presenters at conferences have included Sam Francis and Gordon Baum of the Council of Conservative Citizens. Attendees have included Don Black, operator of the white supremacist Web site Stormfront, and National Alliance leader Kevin A. Strom. Taylor has been a board member of the Council of Conservative Citizens, and is on the advisory board and has contributed to the racist journal Occidental Quarterly .

Founded by Samuel Jared Taylor in 1990, The New Century Foundation – known primarily by the name of its publication, American Renaissance — promotes “genteel” racism: pseudoscientific, questionably researched and argued articles that validate the genetic and moral inferiority of nonwhites and the need for racial “purity.” Generally avoiding overt bigotry and stereotyping, many of North America’s leading intellectual racists have written for the journal or have addressed the biannual American Renaissance conferences. At the conferences and in his publications, Taylor refrains from anti-Semitism.

All right: evil blacks are hunting “us” whiteys, right? Here’s some more looking-glass nonsense logic:

“But media, the old black leadership, and guilty white liberals prefer instead”

is a statement in which the stereotyped slur is so intertwined within the message that the only information to be gleaned is the bigotry of the writer.

This statement “a few white Lefties and females in the media who have never been in a fight or know how to fight claiming the stomping was of little consequence” preceded five paragraphs of analysis of what “stomping” means, and then a long Rush Limbaugh-esque parsing of the case to make it all go away.

Well, it doesn’t go away. The irony is that my ORIGINAL posting was about CNN removing the reference to “KKK” from the on-air report, and this posting — which has nothing to do with that article — suggests that the KKK mind-set is still alive and well: Blacks bad; Whites good. Jared Taylor GOOD; wimpy liberals and bleeding hearts BAD. BTW: Jared Taylor is the President of the group that released “The Color of Crime”, the “New Century Foundation” — the classic dodge of hiding behind a “Foundation” for a legitimacy that one’s real identity wouldn’t impart.

I have studiously avoided making legal judgments in this case, and have observed, WITHOUT knowing the final “truth,” as so many commentators especially on the Rightseem to. One of the hallmarks of intellectual honesty is not so much knowing what you KNOW (although that’s important) but knowing what you DON’T know.

What I DO know about the Jena 6 case is that it’s smoked the racists out of the closet and into the open, AS IN THIS COMMENT, and if nothing else, that suggests that there’s more fire than we thought amidst all the smoke and mirrors being used to pretend that all of this is bogus.

Every legalistic point that the “Dr.” makes has been refuted, or debated at length, elsewhere. Moreover, it’s doubly inappropriate to debate them here, since my post was about an incident INTIMIDATING the protesters 30 miles away from Jena, after the protest, and none of us are in any position to “try” the case with any honesty. It’s just more Rightie parsing — as they’ve been going crazy with on the Rush Limbaugh case, no matter how many deceptions, distortions and outright lies Rush keeps coming up with.

(Why do you think that “lawyers” is pronounced “liars” in that section of the country?)

There is an interesting article in the Kansas City Star by Jason Whitlock that discusses the case in a light I haven’t seen before, and, reserving judgment, I suggest that you give it a look.

But the good “Dr.” has clearly fallen off the racial cliff, and it’s IMPORTANT to see what the coding is.

A little fable from a time long gone by: Back when I was attending TCU, David Duke, KKK grand imperial Wizard, or Dragon master or Dungeon master or something, was to speak. We’d had Erich von Daniken, and some other extremely flaky types as speakers, and — as with Columbia’s stated justification for inviting the Iranian president last week — the idea was open dialogue. This was, of course, quickly scotched.

Naturally, in the ensuing “tempest in a teapot” I — with a long pedigree of Abolitionists — was curious to see what this “Duke” character had to say. Naturally, he was censored, and dis-invited, not necessarily for what he believed, but for what they THOUGHT he believed. (If you haven’t heard him, how do you know what he’s going to say?)

And we were all cheated*. (I got in trouble for defending his right in print to say awful things that I had no doubt that I’d disagree with). But I often wish we could have HEARD him before his rise to national prominence, to understand how he’d marketed his slimy version of “The Code” that the neo-racists speak in. It would have truly been an “education.”

[* I suspect that the TCU administration was scared witless that they’d have trouble recruiting black football players … virtually the only black faces seen on that Lily-White campus. Perhaps David Duke of the KKK struck too close to home. The Dean of Students, prudish Libby Proffer, went to the extreme of WRITING a rare letter to the campus newspaper, The Daily Skiff, decrying Duke, which sparked my suspicions. ]

Sadly, in the thirty-plus years since that day, the media have consistently censored Duke in like manner, and I STILL haven’t heard what he has to say, which is silly, since it’s not going to convince me that he isn’t a toxic racist, but it does manage to justify the phony “persecution” complex that racists like the “Dr.” and the mini-Klansmen at MensWorldDaily wear like a badge of honor.

Let me reiterate what I wrote about (which has NOTHING to do with the Dr’s comment, nor most of the comments on my post at the DD site. From the Shreveport Times:

Nooses also were at the center of the arrests Thursday night in Alexandria.

One of the suspects in that case is a juvenile who told police that he and some of his relatives are members of the Ku Klux Klan and that he has a “KKK” tattoo on his chest, according to Alexandria police.

Jeremiah Munsen, 18, of Colfax, who was driving the truck, was charged with one count each of driving while intoxicated, inciting to riot and contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile, according to the police report.

The passenger, a 16-year-old from Dry Prong who has a prior conviction of burglary, was charged with underage drinking and probation violation, Alexandria Police Chief Daren Coutee said. The juvenile also might be charged with committing criminal mischief, the police chief said.

OK: there are problems with the Jean 6 narrative. But the story HAS smoked out the mindless reactionaries, and the mindless racists, and it behooves us to listen to what they’re saying, as it would have behooved us to hear David Duke BEFORE he became a chancre on the soft white underbelly of American Hate-Mongering. (He has his own little “take” on the Jena 6, BTW.)

But without comments like the “Dr”s, we’d never have known about Jared Taylor, the New Century Foundation and “The Color of Crime.” The crime here is “race hatred,” and the color seems to be “white.”

For a country with a First Amendment, we sure as hell spend a lot of time suppressing speech and ideas in this country. In the case of “DR. FESTLER MN,” Michelle Malkin, David Duke, and, yes, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, we need to SEE what they’ve written and spoken, to understand what the truth might, finally, be.

All it takes is some intellectual


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