Racism Update

UPDATE 5:28 PM PDT: Today, CNN has noted a plethora of stories that relate directly to the issues raised in my earlier story.

Here’s an excerpt from that last story:

(CNN) — A student who made a videotaped re-enactment of the “Jena 6” incident apologized and said the video was not intended to make fun of the six black students arrested in the beating of a white classmate.

The video, taped by University of Louisiana-Monroe student Kristy Smith, shows students in blackface apparently acting out the beating of Jena High School student Justin Barker.

One of the males in the tape runs onto the beach acting as if he is holding a noose, and three others — covered in river mud — pretend to knock him to the ground, punch and kick him. At least one racial epithet can be heard.

the story also contains this quote:

“Racism doesn’t get resolved when people hush up about it and sweep it under the rug. It only gets resolved when we talk about it in an educated manner … “

And CNN is hyping their coverage:

8:00 p.m. EDT 5:00 p.m. PDT
Out in the Open: A grim symbol of hate rears its ugly head – across the nation. CNN’s Rick Sanchez brings incidents of nooses found ‘Out in the Open.’

I can’t help it that nobody listed at Memeorandum is on this story. Follow the leader is the name of the game in the blog biz, just like it’s the name of the game in the newsrooms. Some people just have a nose for news, I guess.

This has been an astonishingly weird week for race in America, from Clarence Thomas’ Heritage Foundation sponsored meeting with bloggers to spew the hate the mainstream media would never let him get away with to Michael Medved‘s bizarre “defense” of slavery, to Bill O’Reilly’s equally bizarre racist-by-negation riff seemingly surprised that Blacks at a famous restaurant in Harlem used menus, utensils, etc. and weren’t screaming for their “m**f**ing iced tea,” and the GOP no-show of four presidential contenders at a debate sponsored by PBS and a prominent black college, Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland.

And this, from Truthout, today:

  • GOP Says They’ll Continue Racist Voter Suppression Tactics
  • Even weirder, the rightie blogs were abuzz with “defenses” labeling the notion that the “GOP is racist” as ridiculous. You might want to check Google’s blog search, but I’d hurry, were I you, before the phony “news” blogs from the various mainstream outlets overwhelm the search engine. It’s getting harder and harder to find actual bloggers on blog search, as the MSM’s greed to suck up all the oxygen (as in the Online News Association’s phony “online news awards”) ratchets up to destroy all competition.

    Still, something is happening within the racial divide in this country, and, when you throw in the false “illegal immigrant” = “all Hispanics” and “terrorist” = “Muslims” propositions so widely subtexted in the national debate, we got trouble, kids. Lots and lots of trouble.


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