Minister Dies During Bizarre Sex Fetish

What is up with the holier than thou sect of the conservatives and their getting caught at all sorts of sexual deviancy? The latest minister gone wild story out of the bible belt, via The Smoking Gun, is a doozy:

An Alabama minister who died in June of “accidental mechanical asphyxia” was found hogtied and wearing two complete wet suits, including a face mask, diving gloves and slippers, rubberized underwear, and a head mask, according to an autopsy report. Investigators determined that Rev. Gary Aldridge’s death was not caused by foul play and that the 51-year-old pastor of Montgomery’s Thorington Road Baptist Church was alone in his home at the time he died (while apparently in the midst of some autoerotic undertaking). While the Montgomery Advertiser, which first obtained the autopsy records, reported on Aldridge’s two wet suits, the family newspaper chose not to mention what police discovered inside the minister’s rubber briefs.

Way too much information! Way too much sicko info! Whatever Aldridge was doing there when he met his maker, goes way beyond a little release of repressed sexual tension.

Coincidently, “Aldridge graduated from Liberty University and later worked for the late Jerry Falwell.”

Oh my — what will they tell the disciples? Certainly not the truth and if they did, they’d all deny it anyway.

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One Response to Minister Dies During Bizarre Sex Fetish

  1. Darrell Prows says:

    It’s not often that I encounter a kink so kinky that I can’t even begin to imagine what the turn on is.