Obama, Edwards, Richardson, Biden Out of Michigan State Primary

Detroit Free Press reports that Obama, Edwards, Richardson, Biden have all opted out of the January 15 Michigan presidential primary:

U.S. Sen. Barack Obama and former Sen. John Edwards both earlier today filed paperwork to have their names withdrawn with the Michigan Secretary of State’s office.

Delaware Sen. Joe Biden also removed his name from the Michigan ballot, state election officials confirmed.

And New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson sent a letter yesterday, asking to be taken off the list.

Today is the deadline for the candidates to have their names withdrawn from the primary. There is no word yet as to whether Chris Dodd or Dennis Kucinich will be withdrawing.

In a related story, the Detroit Free Press reports “Sen. Hillary Clinton will remain a candidate in Michigan’s primary.”

Her campaign staff this afternoon confirmed she will remain on Michigan’s Jan. 15 ballot, despite the fact that other candidates – Barack Obama, John Edwards, Bill Richardson and Joe Biden – have withdrawn.

A spokesman said Clinton thought removing her name was unnecessary because she already has pledged not to campaign in Michigan because the state broke national party rules by moving its primary to Jan. 15.

“This won’t take away from Iowa one bit,” said former Michigan Gov. Jim Blanchard, who is helping to run Clinton’s campaign in Michigan.

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