Cyberstalking, Felons and Investigative Reporting, Oh MY!

Alive or Aliver

This may seem a little complicated, but it’s a lot simpler than it might appear at first, so bear with me. It’s a good story, and a great roller coaster ride, no matter what you think of it. It begins like this:

You see, Michelle Malkin decided to go cyberstalking AGAIN, using an anonymous Freeper — ‘icwhatudo’ — as an authoritative source. Moreover, the entire Rightie Blogosmear seems to have swallowed the ANONYMOUS coward Freeper‘s “outing” of the 12 year old sick kid* uncritically, which does nothing to disprove my old hypothesis: the facts are whatever they want the facts to be — from Bush’s illegal invasion and occupation to the present attacks on the family of a sick 12 year old.*

[All right: critically injured in a major automobile accident, along with his sister.]

And it’s hit the mainstream media today, with front page coverage in several outlets, including the New York Times, and the Baltimore Sun. (And the rightie haters are suddenly acting like nothing’s wrong. Who US? No. We’re REASONABLE. You must be thinking of some OTHER drooling wingnuts.)

I blame myself a little. And I’d like to correct that — if only for the honest investigators out there, and the ones with the guts to use their real names, if they insist on stripping the masks off of others.

Last year, while searching for and attempting to find out WHO was behind the plague of interlocking “astroturf” groups linked to the old “Term Limits” movement, I came across something called “US Term Limits.” And then “Citizens in Charge.” And they both had the same address, which caused me to write:

Another pattern: In the case of Paul Jacob (formerly Chair, and now spokesman for USTL), Jacob has listed USTL at a Virginia address, which is ALSO the address given for yet ANOTHER astroturf organization “Citizens in Charge” or CIC — which attempts to get ALL US states to adopt initiative and referendum laws, so that, one presumes, the endless ex-Libertarian cabal can start back-dooring the legislatures in the NEW states as well. The address is clearly a residence (as I learned from tracking it on Google Maps’ satellite photos). And from the smallness of the trees it seems a relatively new subdivision in the suburbs of Washington, D.C.: 2617 Pheasant Hunt Road, Woodbridge, Virginia, 22192.

Well, that Coyote character who comments, is outed, claims he’s already out, etc. started screaming that I was publishing Paul Jacobs’ HOUSE and HOME ADDRESS on the internet.

Now, isn’t this EXACTLY like what the anonymous Freeper ‘icwhatudo’ did to the 12 year old kid’s family, and what somebody else tried to do to Michelle Malkin, cyberstalking them? “I went up to Baltimore and interviewed a tenant at health-care poster parent Halsey Frost’s place of business and drove past the Frost home. That’s not ‘stalking.’ That’s not ‘harassing.’ It’s reporting.”

No. It is a completely different issue. A group that was interfering in elections by trying to write and rewrite laws in a dozen states has an obligation to reveal WHO they are. When two of those organizations share the same address, and checking Google Maps’ satellite photos show the address of these phony “organizations” to be a residence in the Washington D.C. suburbs, that’s newsworthy.

But Coyote screeched on his blog last summer (before I learned that Coyote had WORKED for them in the past, and was the chief petitioner for one of their initiatives in 2004) that I was doing this HORRIBLE thing by exposing poor Paul Jacob, and endangering his family.

Realize that Paul Jacob has no reasonable expectation of privacy, having MADE that address the headquarters of two (or more) political organizations — particularly two with a long history of nasty tactics, run by a convicted felon who was, by the by, indicted on new felony charges in Oklahoma last Tuesday, coincidentally.


When you register your home as the legal address of a political organization, you’ve opened the door to legitimate inquiry. This was a group who were ABUSING the right to privacy (asserting it where it was not legitimate, by their own hand) as opposed to a family whose child had received urgent medical care and was willing to say so in the radio response to Bush’s radio speech Saturday before last. That family has a legitimate expectation of privacy. They bear NO resemblance to this batch (from the same report):

Term Limits was where this series started, with Paul Jacob (whose radio spots are syndicated through ALG and who formerly headed USTL), and Rich’s money coming back into Oregon to RE-introduce term limits (as they’re doing in Michigan and other states as well). And USTL, ALG and, evidently, LEAD all have the same address (an office building near a golf course in Glenview, Illinois, if you use Google maps to view the satellite shot). And lord knows what else. There seem to be more organizations that this old confraternity of ex-Libertarians run than there are ex-Libertarians to run them.

The office of USTL and ALG in Illinois is, by the by, in the suburb in which ALG “President” (as opposed to Chair Howie Rich) John Tillman lives (and has his OWN astroturf group, Tillman is currently the ALG “donations” point man, and most (though not all) ALG monies are disbursed from that address: 240 Waukegon Road, Glenview IL 60025. Earlier, when O’Keefe was handling the exchequer, the disbursal address was 504 E Madison St, Spring Green, WI 53588 (phone book listing). Spring Green, Wisconsin, coincidentally, happens to be where Eric O’Keefe lives.

National Review, March 9, 1998:

“USTL president Howard Rich was involved in Ed Clark’s 1980 presidential bid on the Libertarian Party ticket. Cato Institute president Ed Crane sits on USTL’s board of directors. ALT president O’Keefe was on Cato’s board for several years. Jacob is a former national field coordinator for the Libertarian Party who served nearly six months in a federal prison in 1985 for refusing to sign his draft registration card.”

That’s really a charitable description, and at this point, we’ll abandon the Michelle Malkin cyberstalking narrative for a brief E-ticket ride through our newest attraction:

Paul Jacob, World’s Dumbest Felon

There is no hyperbole in it. Last week, Paul Jacob of “Citizens In Charge” — who sponsored the CitizenFOIA attack in the last weeks of the 2006 fall campaign, raising the issue of “public employees” using state resources (i.e. email) to oppose their initiatives — was indicted on felony charges in Oklahoma, along with two others.

Paul Jacob of U.S. Term Limits and Americans for Limited Government, and the Sam Adams Alliance, and Common Sense and Citizens In Charge, etc. etc. was indicted, along with Susan Johnson of National Voting Outreach. The business is registered in her name in Livonia, Michigan but still incorporated in Nevada, where founder and semi-retired partner Rick Arnold, who was the wizard behind so many of the petition drives to get the Libertarians on the ballot, state by state in the late ’70s and early ’80s. Rick Arnold and Howie Rich and Paul Jacob and Eric O’Keefe and Leslie Graves go WAY back. Arnold started the company in the early to mid 1980s. Mike Arno of Sacramento, California was in business with him and remains connected as frequent subcontractors in the profession of political “production” for clients willing to pay big bucks.

Becky of Preemptive Karma covered the leadup to this indictment almost presciently in August of 2006.

National Voter Outreach was one of the major subcontractors for petition drives across the country.

These guys had a whole basketful of them: Term Limits, Term Limits for Judges, a Terri Schiavo Law, a gimmick called “Stop OverSpending” or SOS [state name]. There was an SOS Michigan, an SOS Missouri, SOS Montana, SOS Nebraska and others. It was a modified version of Colorado’s disastrous TABOR (Taxpayer Bill of Rights) law from the early 90’s. And they had “takings” initiatives in several states, like Arizona HOPE, and others.

And, of course, SOS Oklahoma, which was basically a local franchisee, headed by the newly-minted Oklahomans in Action, whose chief, Rick Carpenter was also indicted.

According to the Oklahoma Secretary of State’s business entities registry, Oklahomans in Action, Inc. was registered effective 09-09-2005. (Filing Number 2112082566, (RA) Registered Agent: CARPENTER RICK) Which, coincidentally, was when the SOS Oklahoma campaign began.

[Here’s the official Sam Adams Alliance press release, showing Paul Jacob with a dog, the child perhaps having been eaten. Hey! he can’t be a felon! He has (maybe) a DOG!]

But OIA was, er, a virtual creation of ANOTHER group:

Americans for Limited Government

9900 Main Street
Fairfax, Virginia 22031
United States

Registered through:, Inc. (
Created on: 10-Oct-05
Expires on: 10-Oct-07
Last Updated on: 09-Jul-07

Administrative Contact:
Wotring, Raymond
Americans for Limited Government
9900 Main Street
Fairfax, Virginia 22031
United States

Technical Contact:
Wotring, Raymond
Americans for Limited Government
9900 Main Street
Fairfax, Virginia 22031
United States

Domain servers in listed order:

Registry Status: ok

Yes. It was pretty obviously an “astroturf” organization — fake grass roots.

They were the “Term Limits” bunch from the early 1990s, and were part of Newt’s Contract with America, but fell from grace with the new GOP because of their “my way or the highway style”:

How Not to Lobby
U.S. Term Limits all but killed a popular cause through inflexibility and meanness.

For a lesson in how not to lobby, look no further than the recently failed attempt to enact congressional term limits. In 1995 term limits had won overwhelming voter approval in 23 states, and the issue was one of the ten planks of Newt Gingrich’s Contract With America. But its lead interest group, U.S. Term Limits, committed two fundamental lobbying errors: It refused to compromise, and then it attacked supporters for deviating even slightly from what it considered the righteous path. According to GOP Rep. Bill McCollum of Florida, a term-limits enthusiast: “For U.S. Term Limits, winning meant defeating everything except its own view, which has hurt the movement considerably.”

At the insistence of New York developer Howie Rich, U.S. Term Limits’ president and major benefactor, the organization prescribed one, and only one, kind of limit: three two-year terms for the House and two six-year terms for the Senate. Why three House terms? Because public opinion polls of term-limit backers indicated three terms is what they liked best. That sounds like a preference, but to Rich and his associates, the poll results were akin to divine sanction.

Politicians like Bob Inglis, Republican of South Carolina, pleaded with U.S. Term Limits to be flexible; six terms was the most popular alternative, he told them, because it gave lawmakers in both chambers 12-year limits. “But they refused,” Inglis recalls. “They said, ‘If you get in our way, we’ll mow you down.’ ” And in fact, lawmakers who didn’t support U.S. Term Limits’ position were labeled traitors to the cause in advertisements. Worse, at the group’s urging, nine states passed “scarlet letter” laws that placed next to the names of candidates on the ballot a notation stating whether they supported a specified type of limit. Such coercion is resented on Capitol Hill and has resulted in a deep decline in the issue’s prospects. Today, Rich says he was naive to think politicians would ever curtail their own service. Then again, his actions have assured that they probably never will.

Several GOP leaders who have abandoned the cause assert privately that U.S. Term Limits doesn’t really want to win but instead wants to use the movement for its own fundraising purposes. Even Cleta Mitchell, once Washington’s most visible proponent of term limits, has given up. At the urging of her friends in Congress, Mitchell has taken a job with the National Federation of Independent Business. Says Mitchell: The views of people who run U.S. Term Limits are “nuts.” [CNN Total Politics, 18 Nov 1997]

Now, this story runs forwards and backwards in time.

Paul Jacob, Howie Rich’s alleged brother-in-law, decided to be a draft registration resister in the early 1980s. The draft was “slavery,” and, therefore, REGISTERING for the draft was “slavery,” and he wasn’t going to do it. He became a prominent “draft resister” and a hero to many, but mostly those either who didn’t know the real story, or were just plain gullible.

Why? Because, first of all, Jacob’s “principle” wasn’t religious, like the Mennonite Church, or the American Society of Friends. He doesn’t have any problem with the killing part. He objected because he didn’t owe anything to society. He was a free and soverign individual.

In other words: a self-centered and selfish creep. An ultimate exponent of the “Me Generation.”

But a really DUMB selfish creep.

You see, only about 18 people were ever prosecuted under the Draft Registration Executive Order. The Feds decided they’d ONLY prosecute those who announced that they weren’t going to register.

And guess who had been screaming from the rafters about it?

Yup. The world’s dumbest about-to-be felon, Paul Jacob.

And then, unlike any other of the eighteen, the world’s dumbest proto-felon becomes a fugitive from justicehe goes underground. Sort of.

It was almost two years after registration had started during the summer of 1980 that the first person, Benjamin Sasway, a political and moral resister from San Diego, California, was indicted for not registering. This was the beginning of a series of prosecutions. Within one month four other nonregistrants had been indicted, and a total of thirteen received indictments by the end of the year. Thereafter, prosecutions fell off drastically. Three people were indicted during 1983 for not registering, and only two were indicted during 1984. Eighteen people faced charges of not registering for a draft that did not yet even exist. As of July 1985, twelve of these cases resulted in convictions and two are still awaiting trial. Seven resisters spent time in prison and two performed some sort of alternative service work as their sentence. Although the maximum penalty for refusing to register was a $10,000 fine and/or five years in prison, only one convicted nonregistrant (Rusty Martin) received the maximum $10,000 fine and Paul Jacob was the only one sentenced to a full five year prison sentence, although four and a half years were suspended.

Jacob was convicted in a jury trial, by the way. Ron Paul testified for him at that trial. He was sentenced by the recently deceased U.S. District Court Judge George Howard, Jr.

I have spoken to witnesses about Paul Jacob’s time on the lam. He helped bosom buddy Howie Rich in petition-gathering to get the Libertarian Party on the ballot in New Hampshire, which is eerily contradictory to the “me first” philosophy, until you realize that ever SINCE the early 80s. the agenda has been to privately legislate their agenda by direct referendums. And Paul Jacob has made his living at it. He gave interviews as a ‘celebrity’ fugitive.

After prison, Jacob became the public “face” of the Howie Rich bunch, first the spokesman for Term Limits, then with his weekly radio commentary, “Common Sense” — formerly hosted by Americans for Limited Government, but moved last year to the new “Sam Adams Alliance” along with everyone but Howard Rich. Which is why Jacob, the public face of most of these propositions (he was on campaign tour in the summer and fall of 2006, appearing in state after state) was one of the three indicted in Oklahoma last week.

Paul Jacob mugshot

2 Oct. 07 mugshot (OK)

When, last year, people found out that this all came from a small cadre of out-of-state mystery men, they rejected the Howie Rich/Paul Jacob agenda. Virtually no one seems to have a problem with Jacob’s felony conviction. He’s still even seen as a hero, even though if he’d simply have kept his mouth shut, nothing would have happened. If he wouldn’t have made himself a fugitive from justice he wouldn’t have gotten the stiffest sentence served — a five year sentence, with five months served.

What an effective way to establish your freedom! Which is why I suggest that Paul Jacob is the dumbest felon on Earth. He basically INSISTED that he be sent to prison … to prove that he should be free. That’s like holding an orgy as a fundraiser for an ‘abstinence only’ program.

Yes, folks. Paul Jacob went to jail for vocally resisting a draft that NEVER happened. He screamed about his freedom so much that he basically FORCED his own conviction and imprisonment. THAT is dumb. (Certainly the textbook entry for “counter-productive.”)

Well, this time, it was over an Oklahoma law that says only Oklahomans can circulate petitions to change Oklahoma law. Last Tuesday, the Oklahoma Attorney General presented the grand jury indictments:

… Paul Jacob was indicted yesterday for campaign fraud in Oklahoma. Jacob heads US Term Limits, an out of state organization that controls funding for opposition of the Term Limits and Legislative Reform Act.

Jacob is recognized in the media as the key opponent to term limits reform in California. In his role at US Term Limits, he would assign key campaign roles in California and direct contributions to fund opposition.

Court documents in Oklahoma say Jacobs (sic) and his apparent co-conspirators have been charged with a felony, conspiracy to defraud the state, in relation to qualifying an initiative for a 2006 statewide ballot. Along with two other named co-conspirators, he [was] charged by a Grand jury of enlisting out of state petition circulators to work in Oklahoma “with full knowledge and understanding” that they intended to leave once the drive was over. Under Oklahoma state law, a circulator must be a bona fide Oklahoma resident over 18 years old.

And this:

U.S. Term Limits is headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia. They are a non-profit that does not disclose its supporters, although the Center for Public Integrity obtained records through a Public Records Act request that showed large contributions from a number of wealthy out of state interests. The organization is headed by Howard Rich, from New York who may be a familiar name as he has placed measures on the California ballot and in other states in other policy areas. The Takings Initiative Accountability Project in an article, “Following the Money,” has stated:

“Rich’s various tax-exempt organizations — there are at least 11 of them — aroused considerable interest this year for shifting funds from one to another before the money ends up at its ultimate destination.”

Jacob also advocates for a repeal of many campaign finance disclosure laws, saying “[d]isclosure laws do have obvious negative effects.”

Unfortunately, in California we know about the role of out of state money in connection with our initiative process and attempts to hide it from what has happened recently in connection with attempts to change the Electoral College.

Stapler noted, “US Term Limits under Jacob’s direction has filed frivolous lawsuit after frivolous lawsuit and skirted campaign finance laws. It appears the rule of law has finally caught up with him.”

Thus caught, what do you think the World’s Dumbest Felon did?

He put up “” of course. Which is run as yet another smear campaign.

National term limits leader and initiative rights advocate Paul Jacob and two others were indicted in Oklahoma October 2, 2007, on felony charges of violating the state’s statute requiring petition circulators to be residents of Oklahoma.”This indictment is not about the law, but about politics — ugly, anti-democratic politics,” said Paul Jacob.

[* Paul Jacob, the world’s dumbest felon ALSO has a long, tedious “defense” up, which, given his demonstrated legal expertise, should be required reading at the Harvard and Yale law schools, undoubtedly, for their sheer legal brilliance. Or, perhaps not.]

Remember, this bunch holds enough political IOUs that on election day 2006, the Wall Street Journal did a front page profile of Howie Rich, complete with stippled portrait, and a John Fund article defends them, seemingly, whenever they get in trouble. It would seem that they intend to brazen it out.

But what’s intriguing is that Paul Jacob, the world’s dumbest felon, seems to have already known that he was going to be indicted back in JUNE. (They broke the laws regarding petitioning in virtually every state they were in, and state after state declined to prosecute, perhaps unwisely. We DO have campaign laws for good reason, ofttimes.)Why?

Because he registered the domain on June 12, 2007:

Whois Output for:

Domain Name Owner:
Jacob, Paul
2617 Pheasant Hunt Road
Woodbridge, VA 22192

Administrative Contact:
Jacob, Paul
2617 Pheasant Hunt Road
Woodbridge, VA 22192, US
Phone: 202****
Email: pj(at)

Technical Contact:
Jacob, Paul
2617 Pheasant Hunt Road
Woodbridge, VA 22192, US
Phone: 202****
Email: pj(at)

Billing Contact:
Jacob, Paul
2617 Pheasant Hunt Road
Woodbridge, VA 22192, US
Phone: 202****
Email: pj(at)

Record Information:
Domain Record Created: June 12, 2007
Domain Record Updated: September 30, 2007
Domain Record Expires: June 12, 2008

DNS Information:
Name Server:
Name Server:
Name Server:

Gee. Kinda wraps it up in a neat little ball: “PJ(at)” says it all.

2617 Pheasant Hunt Road, Woodbridge, VA 22192 | (866) 3-CHARGE

[Click HERE to see]

Jacob’s “home” page, registered to the same address, has a “Free Paul Jacob” button (the cyber-campaign went up surprisingly fast — another indication that they already EXPECTED the world’s dumbest felon to be indicted again). And the slimiest cornball “politician” illustration you’ve ever seen at the top of the page. Along with this jarringly contradictory “ad slug”: “the most hated man in Washington.”

Let’s see: kind to babies, but hated by all Washingtonians?

Just plain WEIRD.

(Just by the by: how come Paul Jacob isn’t term-limited out of being a professional Term Limits salesman?)

Does he have any reasonable expectation of privacy for listing his home address and his phone on his “Free Mee!” site? Especially when it contains this:

Donate to the Free Paul Jacob Defense Fund

Via mail (payable to Free Paul Jacob Defense Fund):

Free Paul Jacob Defense Fund
12934 Harbor Dr., Suite 111
Woodbridge, VA 22192

No. But then, Michelle Malkin would not, if, for instance, the Trademarked Website from which she smears and stalks (actually both of them) were businesses registered to her home address. There are reasons for public records laws, and they mostly have to do with fraud.

Which brings us back to the Freeper who cyberstalked the kid.

I suppressed the phone numbers up there. (I removed the @ from the email to protect the world’s dumbest felon from spambots, as well.) But your right to know is important here, and the competing interests have to be weighed. ‘icwhatudo’ really ought to have thought of that. There is no compelling need to set spambots on “pj”s email, nor to broadcast the phone number. But the address is important, and this ain’t cyberstalking, it’s REPORTING.


‘icwhatudo’ posted his ‘research’ but a careful analysis reveals that he took the same approach that BPBob, the Confederate Yankee does: come to a conclusion, and then find evidence to justify that conclusion. Don’t dot the ‘i’s or cross the ‘t’s, because suspicion is ENOUGH.

This anonymous jerk decides to “research.” (And the fundamental contradiction of stomping through a family’s privacy while remaining HIMSELF anonymous never occurs to him, in all probability. Like Paul Jacob, rules don’t apply to him — just to the intended victims of his self righteousness. And then the lemmings of the right pick up this garbage and RUN with it? Oy.)

OK. You’ve got to be careful in research. You have to make evidentiary links one by one, and ofttimes more than once, which was what allowed me to link Eric O’Keefe (above) of US Term Limits and ALG to Leslie Graves, whose new “cottage industry” business, received six figures for petition gathering within weeks of its registration in Nebraska.

Link by link, I was able to prove that Leslie Graves and Eric O’Keefe both lived in Spring Green, Wisconsin, and, that they were married. Meaning that hundreds of thousands of dollars had sluiced from the ALG/Term Limits organizations (of which O’Keefe was a long-time officer), through Nebraska, and right back into his wife’s new business.

She then ADMITTED it all.

I couldn’t do it all on the internet. I had to interview old Libertarians from the time, dig through online state records, and make sure that there were no logical leaps. Most times I required two reputable sources (not just a Wikipedia entry in a highly subjective area).

Sure, you get a hunch, but until you prove it, step by step, you don’t have any business going to print with it. Is Paul Jacob a convicted felon? Yes. Was he indicted last week in Oklahoma on felony charges? Yes.

Did Leslie Graves work for him last fall when “Citizens in Charge” launched “GTAP”– Freedom of Information records attacks in multiple states as the head of the new “CitizenFOIA” initiative? Yes. Does she still run the blog? Yes. Is it still under the aegis of “Citizens in Charge” located in one of Paul Jacob’s closets?


The Lucy Burns Institute was incorporated in Wisconsin in December 2006 as a Wisconsin not-for-profit corporation. [link added]

We haven’t yet, but eventually will, apply for federal 501(c)(3) status.

In the meantime, our tiny budget is funded through a fiscal sponsorship agreement with the Citizens in Charge Foundation. [emphasis added]

We have one staff person and a small volunteer board of directors.

Leslie Graves is the president of the corporation.

That’s research, as opposed to smear. Facts, said John Adams, are stubborn things, and the Michelle Malkins, the Howard Riches the Rush Limbaughs and yes, the Paul Jacobs of this world need to learn that. Facts are what they are, and all the slick sophistries in the world won’t change that.

Oh, and do NONE of these [insert proper plural term] understand that “Free Paul Jacob” implies that Jacob is in jail? It’s a hell of a mental leap to go from bragging about how LITTLE time he spent in prison, to falsely implying that he’s NOW imprisoned. “Free Paul Jacob”? The World’s Dumbest Felon, more like.

And ‘icwhatudo’ needs to ‘out’ himself, instead of just bragging about launching an attack on a sick 12 year old kid and his family.

The pussy.

(No blaming of George Soros in either case yet. But it can only be a matter of time. )

Now is it clearer when to “out” the maliciously anonymous, and when to respect the right to privacy of the private citizen? And WHY you need to get your ducks in a row before suggesting cronyism, corruption or improper collusion?

An AP Stylebook and Libel Manual comes in handy, as well.



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