Hillary Wows Boston Crowd

Hillary Clinton wowed a crowd of college age Bostonian’s last night at a fundraiser that featured N.Y.-based band the Goo Goo Dolls as the headliners of the event. The Goo Goo Dolls “performed its own brand of soft rock in between stumping for Clinton.”

Clinton vowed to bring an end to the Iraq war, put health care costs within reach of all citizens and rebuild America’s image overseas during a rally last night at Symphony Hall aimed at her younger campaign supporters.

“Are you ready for a president with an energy policy that moves us towards energy independence?” she asked the cheering crowd. “Are you ready for a president who will not only say the words global warming, but do something about it? Are you ready for a vice president who respects the constitution of the United States? Are you ready to have the war in Iraq over with? Then you’re ready for change, and I’m ready to lead.”

The crowd of college-age-and-beyond supporters applauded Clinton at each question, lofting “Hillary for President” signs in the air after waiting more than two hours, sitting through several musical acts and listening to flattering speeches from state-level politicians before Clinton came on to speak.

Clinton’s visit to Boston “was geared toward collecting money and building support among the college-age crowd through her Club 44, which requires a $50 donation for membership.”

Clinton herself told those in the crowd that she cannot become president without their help.

“I need each and every one of you to not only come here tonight, but to think seriously about what you’ll do throughout this campaign,” she said. “Because this campaign is not just about me, this campaign is about every single one of us and particularly those of you who are students.”

If one can believe a Faux News poll, Clinton is as good as in the White House in ’08.

More than 4 of 10 voters (44 percent) think another Clinton presidency is inevitable, which is almost four times as many as see Republican Rudy Giuliani winning the White House (12 percent), according to a newly released FOX News poll.

Not only do 61 percent of Democrats believe Clinton will be the next president, but also 25 percent of Republicans and 45 percent of independents.

We’re still a little more than 2 months away from the start of the primaries… any thing can happen… (Al Gore could jump in) Perhaps that’s why Obama is stepping up the attacks and so is the RNC

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