The U.S. Would Be A Better Place With Out Ann Coulter

E&P has the transcript (from Media Matters) of Ann Coulter on CNBC’s Donny Deutsch’s “The Big Idea” this past Monday night. Coulter created quite a stir, which she is of course known for, when she “suggested that the U.S. would be a better place if there weren’t any Jewish people and that they needed to “perfect” themselves into — Christians.””

Wow… I’m with Joe Gandelman on this one: “If being “perfect” means being like you, I’ll pass on it, thank you…”

Gandelman actually has more to say on the subject of Coulter’s foot in mouth in a very good post that covers opinions around the blogosphere: Ann Coulter And The Jews: The Agony And The Ignorance (Includes Blog Roundup). Gandelman says:

If you think about it, this has been a catastrophic week for people on the far right in America in terms of winning over people to their side.

First, there is a major political attack on a 12-year-old kid and his family because the boy dared to counter President George Bush’s speech on Bush’s children’s health care veto. The spectacle was denounced by Democrats, many independents and turned the stomachs of some non-lockstep Republicans.

Now you have Coulter saying that Jews — who do vote — need to be perfected and suggesting that the United States would more Utopian if only Judaism didn’t exist.

The problem for the Republican party: it is chasing away voters and by 2008 could find that it has lost soccer moms (they have kids and are struggling with health care), chasing away Jews (will Coulter’s comments be condemned by GOPers and if not will the Democrats use a clip of her comments with her appearing before adoring Republican audiences or with GOP candidates or use them in fund raising letters to Jewish voters?).

What will likely happen?

–Outrage will continue.

–She’ll still be on Fox News and pack conservative crowds in when she speaks.

–She’ll further explain it and Rush, Sean, Hannity, Mark and others will blast the “liberals” supposedly upset about this only because she is a conservative.

–Some conservative Jewish talk show hosts will defend her and this will be pointed to by her supporters and sympathetic weblogs. You might call this the Some Of My Best Friends Are Perceived As Bigots defense.

But if Maureen Dowd had said that about Jews? Or if Barbra Streisand had said that about Christians? Those who are and will defend Coulter would be screaming for their scalps on a plate. But they won’t when it comes to Coulter because she’s on their “team.”

Still, the bottom line is that this time Coulter did NOT throw a bomb.

She just spoke her mind which showed what was inside of her.

Which was worse.

Watch the video over at Joe’s and decide for yourself, as he suggests. Ann Coulter is a walking, talking time bomb of intolerance, who craves attention and gets off on shocking people.

I think Joe’s right, this could be a problem for the Republican’s in the ’08 election, but in the end, she’ll still be spewing the hatred welled up inside of her, because there are those folks in our country, sadly that actually will listent to her and some that probably agree with her.

And on that note, I think: The U.S. would be a better place with out Ann Coulter.

I’ll round off Joe’s Gandelman’s roundup with a few more links from the sphere:

  • Crittenden chimes in: “I think her shtick has been a little ridiculous for a while, maybe because in the end its less about what she’s saying no matter how shocking than just about her…”
  • Robert Stein says, “She has been speaking in tongues again” and asks, “is there an exorcist in the house?”
  • And LeanLeft notes: Coulter’s “Anti-Semitism is Evangelical Orthodoxy.”
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