Al Gore Has Made His Commitment

There’s still a lot of buzz flying about Al Gore and ’08, which is rather sad in my opinion, because the focus should be on the issue that propelled the Nobel committee to award the Nobel Peace Prize to Gore and the IPCC.

FAUX News reports that issued a “statement predicting the Nobel would add to demands that he run, and saying “he is a unique position to make a difference in the world””

We believe that under these circumstances he has no choice but to take the one step left to have the greatest impact in changing policy on global warming — run for President,” the group said.

Although I share the sentiment that Al Gore would be a great president, I think it’s clear he’s made his commitment and his priorities are clear:

Meanwhile, as Hart noted below, the Noise Machine is hard at work. It certainly has been a week for wingnuttery. Ah, yes the nuttery never ends.

There’s work to be done and I’m one who believes that Al Gore will better lead the march for world awareness on Global Warming, doing exactly what he’s doing.

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5 Responses to Al Gore Has Made His Commitment

  1. jpecci says:

    Pam I mostly agree with you.

    Thinking of what Gore would bring to the 08 campaign is seductive. I would love to see Gore and Obama barnstorming through the country–it is a powerful vision.

    Focusing on 08 at a time when Gore receives the worlds highest recognition for his work on climate change in a way diminishes the issue and diminishes his work.

  2. Poverty Outlaw says:


  3. Poverty Outlaw says:

    I agree with everything you say about the importancce of the issue and Al Gore’s continued contribution to the solution. However, I wonder what impact his continued advocacy will have in an era when the will of the people has no importance to the legislative establishment?

    How many of the American people’s priorties have been pursued, let alone enacted, by the Beltway elites? Look at Iraq, FISA, the debacle of the investigations. Has either Clinton or Obama discussed restoration of checks and balances or habeus corpus?

    Why do you think the issue of climate change would be treated any differently?

  4. Poverty Outlaw

    I think climate change will continue to be an issue that is highly debated in the U.S., but we are slowly making headway. Nothing happens swiftly in Congress sadly.

    Hillary actually discussed the return of checks and balances the other day.

  5. JPecci

    I would love to see it too, but on the otherhand, Al barnstorming the globe on Global Warming is also a powerful vision. 🙂