Kerry’s Keeping America’s Promise PAC Launches 6 State Radio Ad Campaign Targeting “Roadblock Republicans”

On Thursday, John Kerry’s Keeping America’s Promise PAC launched a set of 6 “user-generated” radio ads to help defeat the “Roadblock Republican” Senators who have been against changing course in Iraq with their rubberstamp support of the Bush’s Iraq policy. Each of the six Senators are up for re-election in 2008. 

The commercials are running in Kentucky, Maine, Minnesota, New Hampshire, North Carolina and Texas on local radio stations in the hometowns of the sitting senators or in the state capital.

The commercial is a result of a contest run by KAP that asked hundreds of thousands of people across the country to submit radio scripts to convince these Senators to change their position on Bush’s Iraq policy.  Over ten thousands scripts were submitted in just a few days and the winner was chosen through public voting online. 

The winner of the contest and the voice in the commercials is retired Army veteran Edwin Walker. Currently an attorney in Nashville, TN, Walker volunteered for the ROTC program at Notre Dame, graduated in 1968 and was stationed in Turkey. He worked as the commanding officer of a small communications unit on the Black Sea during his time in service. He volunteered, he said, because he didn’t want someone else to have to take his place. 

“Mr. Walker’s script is emotionally powerful and tells the true impact that war has on the lives of our families and loved ones,” said Theo Yedinsky, senior advisor to John Kerry. “Clearly, the American people have had enough of these Roadblock Republicans’ refusal to break with George Bush’s Iraq policy, while this war continues without end. It is simply not acceptable that we stand by and let this happen. If these Senators won’t change course and remove the roadblocks, then we as citizens need to take action at the ballot box in 2008.”

The full script of the commercial is below:

Walker: “I volunteered for the Army in 1968. Now, when I’m in Washington, I go to the Vietnam Wall, and look for the names of my friends, and try not to weep. Someday they will build an Iraq Wall. Some of those names will be there because these Senators put Party above country. I won’t sit by while the number of names on that Wall grows – will you?

The Keeping America’s Promise radio campaign is a continuation of the two-year program by the John community to build a majority in the Senate committed to changing the Bush policy in Iraq.  So far, the community has raised over $100,000 in the general election funds to support prospective challengers in these races.

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5 Responses to Kerry’s Keeping America’s Promise PAC Launches 6 State Radio Ad Campaign Targeting “Roadblock Republicans”

  1. Blend Fund says:

    Glad to see someone is staying on top of things.

  2. john stone says:

    John Kerry always does the right thing.
    There just isn’t any other way to say it.

  3. Darrell Prows says:

    This is so easy to applaud. It’s really not that big of a deal, and yet it is because it seems head and shoulders above anything else that’s passing as activism these days. If this situation doesn’t call for a little bare knucles politics then what does?

  4. Andrew Conrad says:

    That’s wonderful that you found a Vet who is opposed to this war. Now how about paying attention to the Vets of the war in question (Iraq). The overwhelming majority of them say we are doing the RIGHT thing by being there. Even most of the ones who have come back missing limbs. War sucks, no doubt about it. But sticking our head in the sand and pretending like middle eastern radicals don’t exist and don’t want to kill us or each other is not the way to handle it either. Lack of active fighting does not constitute peace. I don’t like Bush but I was recently reminded of a great quote from Ronald Reagan: “Politics is supposed to be the second-oldest profession. I have come to realize that it bears a very close resemblance to the first.” He was talking about BOTH sides of the aisle and if you think the politician you vote for is any different (regardless of Party) you are delusional.

  5. Andrew Conrad

    Thank you for sharing. The support for Bush’s war continues to decline, with both the American public and those who have served there. No one is sticking their heads in the sand – many just believe there are better ways to deal with “middle eastern radicals.”