’08 Watch: Edwards Pick Up Endorsement from Iowa Union

John Edwards received the endorsement of the Iowa State Council of the SEIU and a campaign official said that “announcements of support from other state councils were promised to follow Monday.”

This endorsement reflects Senator Edwards‘ lifelong commitment to standing up for working Americans like the people he grew up with,” said the senior campaign official, who requested anonymity because he was speaking about the endorsement before its official release.

He told The Associated Press that a “number of other state councils” of the SEIU will announce their support for the former North Carolina senator at an event in Iowa City on Monday evening, but he wouldn’t confirm how many.

Edwards was stung last week by the national SEIU when leaders said it would not endorse a candidate for the primary elections, letting its members make their decisions on a state-by-state basis.

Reflecting back to the ’04 election cycle, the national council of the SEIU had endorsed Howard Dean before the primaries, however the nomination went to John Kerry. It will be interesting to see how this an endorsement and the others alluded to play out for Edwards in Iowa. Edwards continues to lag a distant 3rd place in the polls, yet, once again, if we look at ’04, we’ll remember Kerry was trailing too at this time 4 years ago. It’s still anyone’s race perhaps. Stay tuned…

UPDATE: TheDes Moines Register reports…

Edwards plans to headline a campaign event today in Iowa City, where SEIU officials from Iowa and other states plan to announce their support for the former North Carolina senator’s second White House bid.

It was unclear Sunday which states’ unions planned to endorse Edwards today.

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