Standing Up, Because It’s The Right Thing To Do

Another all American family caught up in the BushCo economy has come forward to back SCHIP and their daughter is profiled in the latest ad (see “Featured Video” in the sidebar):

the Wilkerson family, whose two-year old daughter Bethany is covered by SCHIP and had life-saving heart surgery when she was an infant. On Monday the Wilkerson family held a conference call, sponsored by USAction, a liberal grassroots advocacy group lobbying in favor of the $35 billion SCHIP expansion.

For the record, the Bo and Dara Wilkerson say they make $34,000 in combined income from restaurant jobs in St. Petersburg, Fla. They rent their house and the couple owns one car, which Bo calls “a junker.” Malkin and other bloggers have revealed over the past week that the Frost family owned two properties, as well as a couple cars, and had a $45,000 income. The accusation against Democrats, and by extension the Frost family, is that they are too middle class to be granted any subsidized health insurance for their children.

The Wilkersons said they are fully aware of the possibility that their finances and personal lives may be investigated by opponents of the SCHIP bill.

“We rent a house, we have one car that is a junker. Let them dig away,” Bo Wilkerson said. “I have $67 in my checking account. Does that answer your question?”

The Wilkersons will participate in an SCHIP rally in Washington on Tuesday, plan to lobby several House offices on Wednesday, and will be in the House chamber for the override vote on Thursday. They also plan to appear with Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) at a press conference.

Politico notes to “stay tuned” to see if the right wing bloggers pile on… Of course it didn’t take long for the wingnuts to led by Malkin to start screeching. The latest USA Today poll on the upcoming SCHIP vote in the House finds that “Fifty-two percent of respondents say they have more confidence in Democrats to deal with the issue, compared with 32% for Bush.”

The showdown looms

TAKE ACTION: Send a message to Congress!

And incase you missed it, the Frost family was interviewed on Keith Olbermann’s Countdown tonight. Watch it here:

From The News Hole:

Here are the aftermath pics of the accident that nearly cost Graeme and Gemma Frost their lives. These are personal photos from their parents, shared with Countdown for use in a segment tonight. The children are still suffering today, and if there’s any doubt they and their family could use a little help from Uncle Sam, it should disappear after you see these.

There are no words to describe the audacity of the wingnuts who have taken to attacking these peolpe for standing up and telling their story. It’s the right thing do. The SCHIP bill will help thousands of children like Graeme and Gemma Frost, and Bethany Wilkerson.

Call Congress: (202) 224-3121.

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One Response to Standing Up, Because It’s The Right Thing To Do

  1. Darrell Prows says:

    The Wingnut moto: “The truth is not the only thing that can smear.”

    I’m thinking that those are some folks who should worry more than they do.