Bye Bye Malkin: Malkin Quits O’Reilly

Word has it that Michelle Malkin will have one less venue to screech from. From Think Progress:

Inside Cable News has obtained an e-mail written by Michelle Malkin stating that she has decided to quit appearing on Fox News’s The O’Reilly Factor:

From: “Michelle Malkin”
Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2007 23:04:58 -0400
Subject: Re: Michelle no longer on the Factor?
I made the decision to quit appearing on the O’Reilly show in response to the poor handling of the Geraldo Rivera matter (the staged “apology” on The Factor was a complete farce). I won’t go into details, but please know that your support means a lot to me. You can catch me on other Fox News shows and read my daily blog posts and weekly columns at


Sadly NO! has a great analysis here of Malkin’s fall into the abyss, which could be perhaps direct fall out from her “vicious crusade against the Frosts.”

New York Magazine adds some dish to the buzz on Malkin’s departure from The Factor:

We guess Michelle Malkin won’t be coming to town to guest-host for Bill O’Reilly anymore. She just quit forever, after a three-way conservative-pundit street fight that has left our minds reeling a little bit. For those weren’t paying attention (we weren’t, until now), what happened was this: Crazy attention whore Geraldo Rivera told the Boston Globe that crazy attention whore Malkin was “the most vile, hateful commentator I’ve ever met … It’s good she’s in D.C. and I’m in N.Y. I’d spit on her if I saw her.”

Ouch! Read on at New York Magazine… With any luck Malkin will continue to spiral downward and her pedestal will remain knocked down a few pags.  John Amato thinks there’s more to Malkin leaving The Factor and Skippy says, Geraldo “better hope michelle doesn’t grab any nearby chairs.”

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4 Responses to Bye Bye Malkin: Malkin Quits O’Reilly

  1. Darrell Prows says:

    “Crazy attention whore” is a cool phrase. It likely understates the true deparivity of the lot of them, but it’s sure better than acting like they’re normal or something.

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  4. ironxl84 says:

    That Malkin is one twisted sister.

    I saw a clip on youtube where she clearly implied that John Kerry may have self-inflicted a gunshot wound for which he was later decorated.

    I’m not sure what planet she is from, though it must be fairly close to the one which which gave us Anne Coulter.